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Underrated creatures


So,what do you think is the most underrated creatures by it’s rarity?(common,rare,epic, Legendary and unique)


The most underrated?sarcosuchus in commons,this thing is OP,last time i saw him,he tricked me!
And of course,the honorable purrolyth which cause me a LOT of pain

More seriously,the one i try in high level which i just don’t see is edmontoguanodon!
A good bleed counter with his 50% health and run,can include a good swap in gameplay,is a nightmare for those pesky evasive users with his nullyfying impact,can deal surprising dmg with rampage and stun.
I do a pretty good combo with bleeders,since you can trik them when they bleed by swaping on edmontoguanodon,stunning them even if they have instant stun and killing them.
For moment my deck include a good 4 cards swap in combo but i try to find some more:
-alalankylosaurus (for the swap in invulnerability,long shield to earn some time)
-suchotator (For the nullyfying strike ,i hate evasives,bleeding,instant distraction to earn time,and superiority strike to speed controle)
-edmontoguanodon(for finishing bleed moves,speed controle,nullyfying strike,cleanse and heal)
-dracoceratops (can include a good swap in health combo of edmontoguanodon)


Giraffatitan, Swap in slow and 20% critical and bellow are great. I don’t know why Brachiosaurus is considered Apex and Giraffa isn’t considering Giraffa has bigger health pool and higher damage. Brachio only have higher speed and 10% more critical chance.


This. So much this. Giraffa can be a monster in the right situation.

Imo Sarcorixis and Diorajasaurus are both criminally underrated. Blue as well.


postosuchus. huge turn 1 damage.


I think bracchio have more health than girraffa,the swap in slow is not really efficient since he have less health than his brother.( and he have the instant slow + shield)
But i agree a Girraffa rampage is devastating.
Sarco is to fear as much as einiasuchus,both are almost the sames
(sarco have 5% less armor, instead of health a pinning ability and a way to break armor)
Blue is really strong,but not in upper arenas:and the problem is you don’t find her in the wilds so you can’t level her so much)


Blue actually does have some very good matchups in the high Aviary. Iirc Erlidominus doesn’t oneshot her, she can make mince meat out of Diloracheirus, can toss around Indoraptor…

I had to ditch mine because Proceratomimus is a bit better and as you said, I am stuck with lvl 21 Blue with no ways to level her higher.


The 4 raptors generally are TRULY underrated,i keep playing charlie soon lvl 24 close enough to aviary and since there is no tanks left,he do outstanding damages.

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I got swept by a lvl 24 Charlie 2 days ago. :sweat_smile:
I couldn’t believe my eyes :joy:

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Yeah,he is really fast,outspeed almost all uniques (because you can easily overlevel him),deal insane amount of dmg,mostly the things which scare me are more stegodeus (its rare but now when i face some they are lvl 25 ,26 or more…),Overleveled velociraptor (Im oftenly like wtf???),of course ,the crits and evasion AND the mighty dracoceratops which on same level instakill my precious baby (thats why i don’t start with him),and if he is 2 lvl upper draco,pounce kill it instantly!
But the big ace,is if you survive the pounce,next turn,you do the critical strike which have 45% chance to deal 2,25x dmg oftenly ,you swipe one dino before starting to pounce again.


the speed of Brachiosaurus makes a big difference also, it feels like it crits at like a 50% rate. The dinos that it beats out are a big deal in the upper arenas, Tenotorex, Thor, tryko and Dioraja all Uniques that go second with Brachio. Giraffatitan is one of the best rare dinos and a great tank but I would happily put a L30 Brachisaurus on my team if only I could find 100 of them to dart.


I love Brachio but mine is only level 18, while Girraffatitan is level 24 and doing its job nicely :slight_smile:


Postosuchus and Edmontoguanadon

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Postosuchus for sure. Miss mine. When I was lower level I remember I saw very few of them, cause people usually went immediately for Postimetrodon. I know that one dino beating the other does not equal usefulness, but it’s funny how Postosuchus can eat Postimetrodon for breakfast… actually it can do it even to its legendary Tryostronix!

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