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Underrated cretures

Heres a thread where you can show of an elaborate Why a certain creature is underrated and What makes it so great! It could be design or moveset! You can Also suggest buffs for them If they should get some attention!

I can start with stegodeus, its very well designed and is a very good tank

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Velosrhacos, easy to make, 2 Rampages, 1 turn precise dodge move, cleansing and crit chance increase move. Immune to no escape, bleed and stun, but lacks the health to be viable above aviary.


Gamma is definitely underrated.It’s actually an early fierce counter. It can reduce damage to 0 and does tons of damage. It can make your team early on and later be replaced by spyx


As A Unique, I find Smilonemys To Be An Underrated Creature. It got some decent Bulk with 2 Rampages and Decent Speed. It’s pretty Good for a setup with its swap in stun, and overall it’s a pretty Decent Unique in its own way.

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