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Underrated Dinos

What are some of the most underrated in the game? I for one love using Gigaspike and Alankyko.


None of the sauropods are worth playing unless you have them at a really high level.

Alankylosaurus isn’t underrated.Quite the opposite really. People played it as a counter for Indominus Rex for months.

I’m not sure anything in the game is underrated really. They are either perfect for the levels you should be playing them, not really worth playing, or are pushed to OP levels.

Really? I barely see either of them used in the arena. Gigaspike is team level for me (upper teens) and it works very well. Especially as a Rat counter. Alankylo, though, really is an Indo counter, but I see it SO often that it has become helpful to use on my team. It also works, most of the time, as a Utahsino counter.

I don’t see either these days. At one point Alankylosaurus was once a very frequent opponent but I think I’ve faced one a week these days, if that. I can’t even recall the last time I faced a sauropod in the Arena or in friendly battles.

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Have used my lvl 20 Gorgo last days.
@ 4600

Have worked very well!

Brachiosaurus and Blue are fairly underrated. They are totally capable of playing at any arena level.

Nundasuchus is also pretty useful, it’s incredibly fast and hits like a truck when leveled high. The only bad thing is that it just has the two moves being a common.




gigaspikasaur definately

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Diplotator…she has 127 speed and looks terrifying!


DC and DC2, I mean on tier list.

I thought the same with Nunda, but it isn’t fast enough or have enough HP at 4100 Trophies

At 23 it has 2592/1288, 128 speed. It is going to do 1932 damage for two hits, if it survives one hit from my opponent. Any armor, it is sunk.

There are just too many 128 or faster out there that can one shot it, or crunchers.

I vote for Apato and Velociraptor.

Apato is just large and can absorb a couple hits from anything. Pin them, slow them down, done.

At 26: 6000/1000

28: 6615/1103

30: 7293/1216

At 25 VRaptor is 1858/1258, Pounce will dish out 2516 and absorb a 3715 hit… Unless the opponent is immune or has a priority. Normally it will deal out 3774 before dying.

I am sure someone will correct me if I have any of the stats incorrect.

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I’m surprised how few Diloranos I’ve seen in the arena - obviously it becomes a bit irrelevant once Dilorach comes into the mix and Utahsino gives it a very stiff competition, but I’ve been surprised how few I’ve seen in the arenas between lv 15 and 20 since it’s worked really well for me

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Pretty sure the commonplace of thor, plus how little we see indominus eliminated his usefulness

Stegoceratops doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Although, stuns fail so much these days that it can make Stegocera look worthless.


Lythronax, nuff said


All hail lord lythronax


Sarcorixis is the only good croc. it’s underrated.

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Argentinosaurus was the largest dino IRL. Why is it a rare then?

Diplotator is a badboy

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