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Understand Boost 2.0

You can now max a dinos best attributes for actually less boosts then before. Everyone recieved 1.5 boost compensation. if you havent, please allert Lydia about this.

What this means is, you no longer have to dump money into all stats to get them to 10,10,10. you can now strategically allocate them where your dino best benefits. JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Nobody has the upperhand. same boosts. same applications then buy more where you need them.

This system also allows teams to be in the correct arenas, with the correct leveled dinos(if matchmaking works).

we can also rollback some boosts, which we couldnt before. i know its hard to see the benefits, but this is by far better then the old system.

edit: you can now get 1 each of the boosts in the 15 minute incubators.

The chart below shows the differences in stat increases, cost and total cost. Thanks Piere from Gamepress for providing this.




Those Boost costs are rediculous !

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Most things about change are correct but linearity breaks everything in favor of millionaires and can be seen perfectly in that table.

A “millionaire” who had 1022 boost invested in a dinosaur attack would have increased his attack by 48%. A “poor” who had invested 254 boost in the same dino attack had his attack increased by 43%. The difference would be 5%, equivalent to a dinosaur level.

Now the millionaire investing 1022 boost will have an attack increase of 25% while the poor will have it between 5% and 7.5%, that is, with the same boost expense now the millionaire has between 18 and 20% more attack than the poor, equivalent to 4 levels of dinosaur.

I hope someone explains to me why the level of dinosaurs is supposed to take more value than boost when I see it the other way around.


@Dean_Lowe they seem very fair to me. Instead of needing 2046 for each teir or 6138 you need 3000 to max one dino. Also they said we’ll be getting 100 per week which will help ease the burden and is a lot better than the 25 we were getting per boost strike.

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Your answer is right there. A user who plays more will be able to level their creatures up more than someone who purchases boosts to gain strength. It gives the F2P user or occasional purchase user who is willing to put in more time hunting, a better chance at gaining trophies.

Users who purchase boosts as well as store DNA will always gain strength faster, just the way it is. This new system gives more users, who are willing to put the time hunting in, a way to gain trophies faster than those just purchasing boosts.


Sorry, but I think it’s just the opposite of what you say.

Previously, a Thor 29 with level 7 of Boost (254) was stronger than a Thor 27 with level 9 of Boost (1022).

Now, a Thor 27 with level 10 of Boost (1022) is far superior to a Thor 29 with level 2/3 of Boost (254).

Conclusion: now the boosts are more important than before and less important to go hunting.

But as I mentioned in other thread, its only a win-win situation for Ludia … now you have to spend 100 boosts tokens to level not so end-game dinos for tournaments too … which costs an arm and a leg now.

so much this!!! thankyou!!

A millionaire drives a Ferrari, and I dont
A millionaire has a big house, and I don’t
A millionaire has a lot of boosts, and I don’t

That’s life, get used to it.


everyone has to spend, earn boosts and level each dino to advance. just like everyone else.

That does not pose any problem for me, but don’t say that now those who hunt in this version are more favored when those who buy boosts are more favored now.

makes no sense. you unlock the higher boost tiers by leveling.

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Which is silly. Don’t get me wrong, free boosts is free boosts, but 1 of each in 15m incubators, hardly generous considering each boost level costs 100.


dont look a gift horse in its mouth. its better then 0.

Those that hunt do have a bigger advantage then before as well. Maybe not particulary with boosts, but with higher level dinos that obviously have more power then lower leveled. Higher leveled dinos matter more then they did with old boost system.


Ludia want feedback, so I give feedback.

I have “demonstrated” with an example that is quite the opposite. And if I’m wrong, I’d like to receive some argument against.

boost tiers increase by level of dino. two same dinos speed tie is determined by level. higher dinos have more base damage and hp.

if you are looking to make a lower level dino more relevant then now you have to level it. this is more balanced. boosts are meant to slightly tweak a dino overtime not rightaway.

That is not correct though because many of the dinos are isolated to events and at the leisure of Ludia making them available. If I play 40 hours a week and get 500000 commons and rares I don’t need, then an event takes place that has something like sino, and you only need to play about 3 hours to get all the sino, then playing time does not really matter beyond a certain point. In those cases, boosts are what made the difference.

You would be more correct in saying in player who HAS PLAYED longer will be able to level their creature up further. But all that means is that the effort of the amount you play is limited and there would never be a method for a newer player to reach the top. If that is the case, why would anyone play this game? Most of us will never reach the top, but its the goal of having a chance that propels many to play more.

This seems a bit like “putting icing on a turd” to me. Most players I have seen never went beyond tier 7. The difference in cost old tier 7 and new tier 7 is massive at 446, and the gain is wildly different needing 1400+ to reach the same gain. Saying that because the end game max is a bit cheaper is somehow better while disregarding that most players where not spending that many boosts to begin with is to not understand why people are complaining.