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I am confused as to “Score” as we need to handle.
I understand the demoting of a team to get better opponents. However, if I am supposed to “fight” an opponent of XXXX scores, is that cumulative of all his team or 3 dragons that are visible?

In both cases, the total score is nowhere even close to the “depicted” score. Any help would be great.

The Total Bp of the Defense team is based on all the dragons.

But you really shouldn’t look at it. It doesn’t really tell you anything (the Bp of a dragon is only based on its stats and hence doesn’t say anything about the synergy between the enemy’s dragons nor does it tell you anything about how your dragons counter the opponents ones, which are kinda the 2 major things that determine the outcome of the battle.).


See later point of Dragons/ their powers - etc I understand and its a gamble situation. Just like how the board also sometimes just rumbles in a 7-8 chain and at times it just is a dud board.

This part I understand. My question is about BP

If BP is referring to total team
BP of team which is “showing” 5359 is 1186+1222+1199+1355+1315+1350+1174 = 8801
That is 3442 more than the depicted BP. around 64%

BP of team which is “showing” 5287 is
1193+1236+1812+1121+1120+1144+1098 = 8724
That is 3437 more than the depicted BP, around 65%

So what is 5287? or 5359?

I think the bp that is shown is the bp of the team before defense team buff…But it is my presumption…

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I too felt that. However, then how much is the buff?

Depicted vs what one faces? over 60% ?

I even thought probably it is only showing of first 5 of the team, as in 5 vs 5 Even then difference is quite significant. And these are just 2 cases I felt ridiculously over-whelmed, and what-joy when you face such people as your 5th Win Streak.

I knew that someone had a formula for it, but it took a while before i found it again.

Apparantly you need to add up the unbuffed Bp of all dragons than multiply it by 5 and afterwards divide it by the total number of dragons in the team.

ok …

But then “Depicted” power is of what use?

As I said I understand hidden/non-visible dragons, I understand unknown powers, then what is one going to take a call upon.

I am not point fingers at your argument, please do not take me as rude.

Unbuffed we do not know their BP, so what is one supposed to go upon.

Like i said before there really isn’t any use for it. Though it may give you some idea of the power level of the dragons that are hidden for example if the defense team has 6.5k bp or so while the first 3 dragons you see are only 3* dragons than you can most likely assume that the dragons that come after it are at a 5* lvl. But in any other case its better to just look at the first 3 dragons, if you think you are able to comfortably beat those than what comes after it shouldn’t be a problem.

I do not know why they chose to show number before buffing… maybe among other reasons was that if you have a team of 5k dragons and it constantly pair you with buffed teams of over 9k then probably a lot of people would have complained…

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It is like prices at the stores, 19.99 looks more attractive than 20.00… though it is the same 20$ :rofl:

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in this case they show 19.99 and when I go to billing , there is a “Store Tax” and price 40.00.

That is my only submission. Show me I am fighting 7K or 8K team, rather than 5K with 60% buffed up. :-/