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Understanding Sanctuaries

A few members of my Alliance do not understand sanctuaries, so I have posted this topic so I can ( hopefully) answer any questions that they may have regarding sanctuaries. If Members from other Alliances have questions, I will try to answer their questions also.

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Thanks BigKin, so here goes.
Why should we leave a space in a sanctuary at all times?
And when should that space be filled?

Check this thread out. He breaks it down hardcore.

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I’ve never heard of this…
I second this question!

To answer it as a new strategist to sanctuary yes keep the slots open in the first 24hrs and always thereafter if you’re not timing things right with the team.

Once you’re advanced and the team understands the sanctuary strategy for your alliance then you wont need it anymore. Eg. As you unlock next sanctuary level a slot opens so this allows you to keep extending the shared sanctuary time another 24hrs. However if your alliance isn’t progressing that quickly or able to reset the expiration in time then practicing is best and you shall see the point of that comment.

Thanks @Phil for the tag! Our alliance is looking forward to the double dna!


This should help as well minus our alliance specific reminders

Have fun with sanctuaries!


Thank you! That makes things very clear.
P.S. I love your profile pic, is that your cat? So cute :heart_eyes_cat:


always leave a spot and if you want to place something for returned dna or you see a pattern in the sanc and want to place the dino, always ask first. this spot could be saved for the partnered alliance to place. or the alliance is working on a list of dinos and they know what is going in next to satisfy a needs list for the alliance or partnered alliance. or, we are planning to stagger placement, thus the delay. rule of thumb, dont place unless you are given the ok.

The allowable number of dinosaurs that can be placed in a sanctuary is equal to the Level of the sanctuary + 3. For example , 4 dinosaurs can be placed in a Level 1 sanctuary, 6 dinosaurs can be placed in a Level 3 sanctuary,& 9 dinosaurs can be placed in a Level 6 sanctuary, etc. When a dinosaur is placed in a sanctuary, he must remain in the sanctuary for 48 hours. However, when that dinosaur is placed, it initiates a 24 hour timer that allows the sanctuary to be shared with other Alliance Members. If all the available spots in a sanctuary are filled in a short period of time and the Level of the sanctuary does not increase ( because no interacted with the dinosaurs), at the end of 24 hours the sanctuary will no longer be “ shared “ with the Alliance. For the next 24 hours will not be visible and members will not be able to interact with the dinosaurs in the sanctuary. Only members who placed a dinosaur in the sanctuary will be able to access the sanctuary. If only 2 members have dinosaurs in the sanctuary, they will be the only members that can interact with them until one of the dinosaurs is returned. If the player who receives the dinosaur , places it in a different sanctuary the original sanctuary will continue to be inaccessible. You do not want to fill the final spot in a sanctuary unless you are sure that at least one of the dinosaurs in the sanctuary will be returned to the owner in less than 24 hours. For example, if one spot is available you can enter the sanctuary and by tapping on each individual dinosaur you can see how much time remains before it is returned. Usually, dinosaurs are in order of when they will be returned ( dinosaur in spot 1 will be returned earliest). If dinosaur in spot 1 will be returned in 22 hours, it is OK to fill the last spot. A spot will open up 2 hours before the sanctuary would lose it new “ shared” status.

thats not true about the dinos being in the order of returning. and when starting a sanc initially, the original placers should wait more then 24 hours to place the next dino. this will ensure the sanc will always be available as long as the original placers replace. after awhile things get staggered and there are no real issues. this works well with partnered sancs.

Just checked a random sample of sanctuaries in our Alliance. The dinosaur with the shortest return time was always in spot #1. There may be an exception ( possibly a low level common ) to that rule of thumb such as a dinosaur on page 2 of a sanctuary may have a lower return time than some dinosaurs on page 1. However, I have never seen a dinosaur with a shorter return time than the dinosaur in spot #1. How often do you look at the return times in your Alliance’s sanctuaries? I have been tracking return times for many weeks.

Checked all 18 sanctuaries in our Alliance and in all 18 the dinosaur with the shortest return time was in spot #1. Spot #1 is the spot in the upper left hand corner after you enter the sanctuary. The 4 dinosaurs shown in the listing of all “shared” sanctuaries are not in order of shortest return time. You have to enter the sanctuary and tap on a specific dinosaur to view his return time.

Is there an ideal amount of sanctuaries based on 50 members or how many more based on two alliances sharing? Sorry if the answer is somewhere that I missed.

That is a very good question. For one Alliance with 50 members , I would say that a reasonable number of sanctuaries would be 18 or 19. That is based on the following assumptions: 1) That all 50 members are actively participating in the sanctuaries, 2) Each member should not have more than 3 dinosaurs in sanctuaries at any one time ( this allows each member to have one dinosaur available if needed to keep a sanctuary from expiring or another reason), & 3) the average level of all the Alliance sanctuaries is 5 ( thus the average number of available spots is 8). 50 members x 3 dinosaurs/member = 150 total dinosaurs in sanctuaries. 150 divided by an average of 8 spots/sanctuary = 18.75. These numbers are assuming a casual active Alliance that works well together. For a hardcore regimented Alliance , the desired number of sanctuaries could be very different. I am not sure how 2 different Alliances can share the same sanctuaries other than when one member is using a sanctuary that happens to be used by other players living in the same neighborhood as the Alliance member.

no. ill video proof it. once you get to the second or third page youll see expiring dinos. first page is not a great indicator

ok… if this is an ask you whats best… heck no bro. i and many alliances have the info.