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Underwater creatures

I really wish they would add aquatic creatures

I can go on.


Hello @Whosthis23, welcome to the forum.
Every morning I wake up and expect Jurassic World Alive to tell me the creatures of the sea are out. But is not so. :sob: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Give it time. It’ll make it all the sweeter when they do turn up. :slight_smile:


Honestly if you don’t want aquatics I assume it’s because of this reason. I believe the people playing this game have come from 2 different games: Jurassic World The Game or Pokemon Go. If you’ve come from Jurassic World The Game, you’re obviously a dino fan who most likely wants aquatics. If you’ve come from Pokemon Go, you don’t care about the dinos, just the geolocation, battling, etc. aspects of the game. This game was made for dino fans, it wasn’t meant to be a spinoff for people who were bored of Pokemon Go. We should get the aquatics we deserve lol.


I think aquatic are gonna get added, if ludia thinks it’s posible. But then again aquatics would most likley make up a 3.0 update on their own

That’s a very odd and erroneously assumptive position to take on why we wouldn’t want them in. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m a dino fan through-and-through, and have been since I could crawl. I don’t want aquatics in this game specifically because I feel it would be implemented like Pokemon-style cross-environment interactions. An Ichthyosaurus has no business dueling a Tyrannosaurus simply because one is entirely terrestrial and the other is wholly submerged. Just inserting aquatics into the system we have now destroys what already requires suspension of disbelief.

Now, if they were introduced as an entirely second and separate part of the game, as a few people such as @Colin_Goodman and others have come up with over the past couple of years, that’s another matter! :smiley: But I think it’s important to be specific because there are people who actually don’t care for the integrity of the game and would be perfectly happy having floating dinosaurs battling land-based ones because “aquatic, whee!”

In short, I’d rather they do it right or not at all is what I’m getting at, and I’m afraid that in their zeal some people will clamor for their inclusion regardless of how it gets implemented.


I agree with this statement, but I still think aquatics could be added as a sort of side system, with their own map and arena. And I would enjoy having aquatics implemented in this way if it were possible.


They’re eventually gonna be added, we just got to be patient. Ludia knows that we want them, there’s no point in keeping spamming the same request over and over