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Underwhelming new cenezoic creature

Found it in the index and personally think it’s a very boring and pointless creature. Almost identical to two other creatures. Surely there are creatures far more interesting and Unique per say that Lydia could add. I know this because I and others have maths threads with suggestion which are not beyond the realms of possibility. It is what it is, can’t say I’m shaking with anticipation

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The panochthus is actually pretty good lvl 40 has 423 damage and 2000 something health that’s the same amount of damage as a dimorphadon lvl 30. So in my opinion it’s really good

I think the comment was not so much about the stats, but more about the appearance, being so similar to some other cenozoics. Which is pretty accurate. So many other choices they could have made.

Yeah I get where you’re coming from… It does look exactly like two other creatures.

Like you, I’d rather have brand new and unique creatures come out… But I don’t know Ludia’s dev limitations after 4+ years of this game’s life cycle. And I’ll say this- I’d rather have Ludia copy + paste the animations and starting build of existing creatures than for them not to add anything new at all…

image image image


TheGamingBeaver a youtuber said the glyptodon looks like a furry armadillo

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Lol :joy: