Undiscovered Dinosaurs


I’ve been trying to get my collection as big as possible. As of now, I have collected 71 dinosaurs and discovered 26 more that I haven’t collected yet. But what’s bothering me is the ones that I have undiscovered. They are 4 at the moment, and I know one of them is Pyroraptor (I can’t manage to find a single one, no matter how hard I try), and after reading a bit on MetaHub, I realized other two were Erlidominus and Utarinex, both out of my reach for now. So there’s a fourth undiscovered dinosaur that I have no clue how or where to find.

Any ideas of what dinosaur I might be missing?

How many undiscovered dinosaurs do you people have left?


There only 100 listed here so probably no one knows yet.


I have yet to discover 20. :frowning: I thought I was doing ok but I just leveled 8 a couple days ago. Seems like I need to do more hunting!


Hahahahha 20 is not bad at all! I just want to fill up my collection and those 4 undiscovered ones are bothering me :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, so it’s a completely unknown, unreleased new 101th dinosaur. Alright thanks! This means if I manage to discover Pyro, I’ll be maxed out for now :3


I only have one left to “discover”… lots left to unlock, but just Spinosaurs to discover!!!


Just one? :scream: Sweet! How/Where did you find Dracorex? I just realized that’s the one I was missing.


I got it as part of the reward from a golden 24hr incubator from battling…


The 101th was Indoraptor, I think. It appeared when he got implemented as Hybrid Option (when they fixed the bugged Incubator).


77 out of 101 with all discovered. No where near creating any legendary or unique other than my Indominus. Starting to see how long you will need to play to get all created. May see my next legendary in a few months…


Yeah, I’m getting closer to Indominus as well … (T-Rex Lv. 14 and Raptor Lv. 16).


66/101 and 4 I have yet to discover (one is Erlidominus and 2 are arena exclusives) but just noticed that the number next to collection was removed. Also, the circle around my level is blue, not yellow :thinking:


4 like me :stuck_out_tongue: if only I got dracorex, id be left with 2… the yellow circle indicates VIP


9 undiscovered here. Didn’t even see a Koolasuschus until yesterday and it was far too far to reach :roll_eyes:


I have a pyrroraptor—got from a special incubator and now they pop up.


Lucky you. They never spawn in my city at all. Pyroraptor and Dracorex are the only non-hybrids I haven’t even discovered yet :sob:


Nice! Ah was thinking that after I posted :wink: I have only seen Pyro once during the first almost month I’ve been playing. I’ll have to take note of the neighborhood it spawned and others I dont see much You didn’t get enough DNA during Draco event?


Sure but that was Dracorex Gen 2, I still need the normal one, the rare Dracorex



All 101 are listed in this dinodex with sortable columns: