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Unequal battles

Is anyone else ready to quit this app through frustrating battles. I have been collecting data and on average in any battle I’ll miss 3 to four times while my opponents never. Moreover, it’s not unheard of to have them hit critical hit after critical hit while my characters constantly hit the lesser end of damage regardless of equipment and gear (which seems to be the overall catch all)?!

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I have the same issues. Also, my opponents are most often 3+ levels higher. It seems my lowest level and least geared toons are often “randomly” selected. PvP is mostly random luck anyway. Randomly selected team members, opponents, turns, etc. Most times, my taunter goes last - when I have one. Many times, my opponent has a healer, but I do not. I feel like I am being forced to play 4 toons that I don’t want to play, but I have to to make them usable in PvP. Money grab.

It’s a lie to call this D&D since PvP is such a large part of this game, but never was in D&D. Daily quests (most of the time), events, daily chest all require PvP. Just another money grab tactic.

I play to kill time, so I’ll never spend a penny.

Agreed! The times I reach out to them the response is lacking and basically false truths. The many times I felt like spending money on this app, I just play 1 or 2 battles and come to my senses pretty quick. I will never spend money on any Lydia apps.

Interestingly. the game initially did not include PvP. I have also long suspected and commented that PvP was foolishly added as a monetization tool. Unfortunately, the algorithms used in WoW have made PvP untenable and despised by many. Prior to the transition from PvE to PvP the game reported having 100,000+ active users. However, repeated complaints similar to the one quoted above illustrate how this abusive algorithms (which work as intended) have inadvertently compelled thousands of users to abandon the app.

As the ludians seem to prefer I avoid expounding upon this topic, I suggest anyone interested in how matchmaking works can peruse a collection of the multiple related threads contained within the search linked below.


As frustrating as it can seem sometimes, there wouldn’t even be a game anymore without PvP. If you don’t want to PvP…then simply don’t do it. They didn’t take PvE away. But for everyone else that enjoys it, it keeps the game alive for them. Sure some events are PvP-based, but no one is forcing users to compete in those. The rewards also aren’t that great, and once again it’s above and beyond PvE - because as stated PvP hasn’t always existed.

PvP also is not a limiting factor, meaning you aren’t being held back in the game by not doing it. You progress in this game by grinding PvE, which has always existed.

Final thought, keep in mind that if you that if you want to eventually be the best (in pvp), you have to face the best along the way. Some may be weaker, some stronger, but you’re going to have to beat everyone (and obviously endless bots) if you want to be #1 in the ladder system. Don’t care about that, don’t pvp. If you slightly care or want extra rewards, take a break from pvp, grind some gear and heroes up, then try again.

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The expected response: don’t participate in it. Don’t get the xp, gear, etc. so you can be behind and continue to struggle. Just grind more PvE content because it never gets boring, heh. PvP is just a money grab, plain and simple. It does not enhance the game, but ruins it. My opnion.

Instead of adding PvP, they should have expanded PvE.

The XP and gear you get from doing pvp is light years behind what you get doing pve. Calculate the time it takes and the rewards you get doing pvp and compare it to what you get just farming pve and its no comparison. Even the pvp events, the only reason i do them is for the slight possibility of getting a legendary at the end i can actually use, if not for that my time would be better spent grinding pve as the rewards per hour are far greater

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I respectfully disagree with every single point you’ve attempted to make.

If you more actively played this game and PvP’ed - you’d realize that the xp is virtually nothing, and the gear is negligible from pvp chests (and you have to burn a lot of gems if you want to get through the chests more quickly for new ones). What is the “etc” beyond xp and gear you’re talking about? There is nothing else quantifiable beyond bragging rights/being higher in the ladder which I already addressed.

Again respectfully, if you’re already bored with PvE, and don’t care for PvP, you’re pretty much at the end of your lifecycle on this game.

PvP is not a money grab to me, plain and simple. I don’t spend money, I grind gear in PvE and become more powerful - and I love PvP. It enhances the game for me, if it were only PvE it would ruin it. And I win the majority of my matches. Those that i do lose tend to be mismatches which I don’t care too much about, because as I climb the ladder at some point I’m going to have to face folks that are better/more powerful than me anyway.

They have just added new content for you and your expanded PvE, although it was very slow (Forestfall, black dragon, frostsilver and upcoming other dungeon replays). I couldn’t care less about this expanded PvE and would rather they expand PvP (ie: guild battles). You see? We each have and are entitled to our own opinions.

Unfortunately, the developers believe the complete overhaul from PvE to PvP was a wise choice. This main thrust of this change occurred in update 9, when the current roster system was introduced and all PvE development was halted. Just viewing forum data exemplifies how mistaken this perspective was. The thread for Update 9 was viewed by 67,000+ users, by Update 10, the views reduced to 29,000+, less than half of the users. Additionally the following threads (beginning in July 2019) clearly indicate user frustration with matchmaking and hatred of the abhorrent PvP system used in WoW.

Unfortunately for the brand, users, such as Hallstatt, have recognized the continued Ludian response,:

and many have completely abandoned the app.

The Ludians misguided belief in WoW’s PvP, and their continued proselytizing of its merits, partially explains why they have turned a successful PvE game, which contained a small but favorable PvP element, into this mess enjoyed by only a small handful of active users. Its a shame to consider what has become of an app that was once enjoyed by a massive user base (even in beta), met the expectations of the brand, and was likely quite profitable.

The user base and third party brands have all noted WoW’s decline, but the team at Ludia refuses to acknowledge it and make responsible adjustments. Introducing PvE was a good idea, but when it was despised by most users, the continued expansion of PvP at the cost of PvE was utterly foolish.

Other apps do it to where we can put up basically defense teams. And while the app will fight for us we could be earning pvp credit when we aren’t playing with our defense team. You could also use it to solve disconnects while in pvp and let the app finish the battle for you.

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I completely agree with you OP, I have a lot of battles where it seems only my opponent’s abilities trigger and mine never do, on top of only doing minimal damage. Case and point, how on earth would that team ever beat mine?! Before anyone says, almost all of my characters have at least 1 legendary gear if not more and epic gear. If I’m remembering the battle correctly I didn’t even KO one of their team members…

PvP for daily quests, fine. It’s a reasonable amount of time and effort. The chests, while not great, are worth the time to beat 20 or 40 opponents since it’s about 15 minutes/20. You don’t have to be top PvP rank, as losing can still advance your count. And if you don’t like it, you can get your next battle chest and move on.

But the recruitment and gear events are unplayable to completion. While regular PvP gives me about a 50% chance to win (including huge mismatches both ways) these special events give me about a 20% to win, making it boring, frustrating and impossible to complete.

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Yeah just lost 5 straight games not once did any critical hits or special abilities work But my opponents every time One opponent was 3000 trophy points behind me (3 levels) and the elf kept stunning and dominating my characters! The unequal play is so frustrating!!!