Unescessery things in creatures

I’ve been looking in Dinos that have weird stats or sets. Exanple Suco, Two Spinosaurades makes it have a Distract, Nully , and Superiority? The only accurate move is bleed. Dsungaia gets armor when both parents don’t, what is this LUDIA, you give creatures things that don’t make sense of what they are or you do the opposite, they take away armor, *cough Thor, Crictical, etc. Please fix this, its annoying seeing a bleeder with cunning moves.

Genetic mutations. No need to fix them if they aren’t overpowered.


Dsung is combined with Ludias golden op common. So it can do anything.


Cough Gemini’s Immunity Cough


Miragaia is a Stegosaurid that does not have armor so its hybrid can compensate for that.


And the edmontoguanodon that have nullify, where he take it?

Well, when you combine 2 hadrosaurs that share similar movesets (they share SS and a stunning move), you need another move. I don’t thing Ludia wants a creature with 2 stunning moves (even though stunning isn’t what it used to be)


Genetic Mutations are he first reason and the second is the hybrids shown are only of the main components,say Indominus Rex,it has Cloak,Immunity which neither Velociraptor or T Rex have,this is because of other components added,Eye positioning comes from Carnotaurus,Temperature radiations and Camouflage from Tree frog and Cuttlefish

Immune to distract would have made more sense, if they gave that to Koolasuchus g2. It is a distraction wielder.


Yeah it would be fine. His whole bloodline could have it (Koola G2 and Koolab)

And would keep it as the anti IndoG2.

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Suchotator used to be an exact mix of Sucho and Irri G2, but people complained it was so bad it was changed to how it is now. It’s been this way for over a year

Thor would be ridiculous with armor.

Dsungaia got armor because it is a legendary hybrid with an exclusive,::edit:: two exclusives ::edit:: (forgot mira was also exclusive) so it had to be improved to reflect its status. It also lost mira’s AP counter for decelerating.

Pretty much every rare hybrid gets a weird set of moves it’s parents don’t have. Not sure why, just the way they’ve decided it should be.

The real question is: where did Geminititan get immune from?

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Not really. Thor stinks. It needs something to help it out. Armor wouldn’t be bad

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Gemini got immunity to be a better maxima.
and let’s face it, it is a better maxima now.


It’s made out of 3 globals, 2 of which are commons. It doesn’t need to be any better than it is honestly. It’s abused enough already


But the way you put it, thor would be broken if it had armor. If thor did, it would be better, but still not that great

15% armor from allosino

I didn’t mean ridiculous like broken. More like ridiculous I’m sick of seeing it. But I guess that’s not something easily understood from plain text writing.

It Thor gets armor, it should logically also keep Allosinos speed of 105. After all, how did it get to 109 when Tarbo is 1 speed slower than Allosino? illuminati noises

Taking boosts into account, Thor does not need armor, only a nerf in speed.

This happened with gamma and spinotahsuchus