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Unexpandable plots on Isla Sorna?

Is this a glitch or are these plots on Isla Sorna (situated at the center of the image) not available for expansion? These plots look like any other regular plot that you can clear for park expansion but I don’t see the option to clear them in my game. I am at level 81. The plots I am talking about are on Isla Sorna and can be found if one starts at the entrance to the park (which is barely visible to the extreme right of the image) and takes about two plot steps to the left and then two steps into the island… Is anyone else facing this issue?? If there is anyway to fix it then please tell me… I badly need that land :confused:

Yes, you can’t open them yet.

The island has sort of a weird shape to what you can open.

I’d imagine as the max level of the game goes up, we’ll eventually get to open more of those plots.

Just try to keep it square for now to get the best value out of the space.

Eventually, it will go up and left for an odd hook. Go to the right before doing that.


Oh great!! I was thinking it was something to do with my park and I may have to reinstall the game. Alright then I will go towards the right for expansion… Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Any idea on how many plots I would have to go further inward along the line that’s unexpandable until I get to a plot I can expand on the left??

6 plots I think.

If you go down one, that will go left one and stop (skip those two for now).

You’ll have 6 unlockable plots to your left. Stop at that point.

It will go up 2 more and left 4.

But you won’t be able to go up and right (thus losing the square shape).

Basically, keep going right every time you go up. When only the first column is unlock-able and the one to the right isn’t, stop going up.

You can basically go as far right at the island is shaped/looks like you can.

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Hello @Aryamann welcome to the forums!

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Thanks @Timmah!! Hello @Jurassic_Fury!! Something I forgot to mention in the first comment was that my dinosaurs don’t have shadows… If you look closely they are lacking shadows which they usually have… This is happening a lot to me lately, where the graphics somehow makes all my dinosaurs lose their shadows as soon as I start the game… Is this also a well known glitch??


Hello @Aryamann, yea it happens often… Personally I like it! If you look closely, the skin texture of dinosaurs smoothen during that. I like the Rajasaurus without the texture.


Oh ok, so again this is a game issue and not to do with my graphic card or something like that… Cool!! But I liked the dino textures when they aren’t smooth. Most dinos look very unrealistic when they go smooth (for example the raptors). When they have shadows, their textures are more detailed and I kinda like that. But this is just my personal preference :wink:

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Actually sometimes, after the shadows return, the dinosaurs retain the smooth texture for a few seconds before going back to normal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome to the forums, most likely the lack of shadows and issues with visuals is do to the device you are playing on not being able to keep up with the graphic demands. Not 100% on this but 90-95% sure that’s the issue.

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It happens to me sometimes on the tab after opening the battle screen, and randomly on the phone.

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