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Unexpected Epic Strike Tower on map


Has anybody else noticed an epic strike tower appear today ?..wasn’t due until tmrw?:thinking:


Yep, Ourano and Concav duo.


Yeah, Ludia’s schedule seems to be messed up. :joy: I’m just gonna wait for the video from Pocemon! I might not need anymore with two Uniques, but even if I don’t, I like the cheese strategies.

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Yes, wasn’t supposed to be today according to their map. Weird. Anyway, I beat it with L23 Erlidominus and L24 Thor. Had Trykosaurus and Spinotasuchus waiting but didn’t end up needing either.
Ouran came first and I used Erlidominus. Cloak and then Rampage. Dodged successfully and landed damage that left Ouran with something like 690 health. AI then swapped to Concavenator. Used strike and run with Erlidominus but Concave has counter attack so killed Erlidominus. Concave did Shielding Strike to nothing as I hadn’t selected next Dino yet. Put in Thor because his 109 speed is faster and just used DSI. Got the crit and one-shotted Concave. Ouran came back and I just used priority Instant Charge to kill it. Done.


Must be only available to certain people. I dont have an epic strike on my entire map at all.

Also stuck at home today so, guess I cant go looking for one. Congrats to those who can actually do this today.


I used my 30 Suchotator, then when she died I used 28 Thor to finish.


Used dilorach. Killed ourano. Then rampage and run>DC. Dead conc :sweat_smile:


This mistake we don’t complain about, right? :smile:


Ull not find one post of me complaining about it lol. I dont use it in actual battles either. But i wont complain about it. Not in my nature to complain about things i cant control :joy:


During this epic strike tower battle I used gashing wound and swap in wound dinos to defeat the two opponents. The concavenator died from wound at the same time I died from a counter attack. Should I just lose (which is what happened) or get victory or at least a second chance for free?!?! Does not seem fair considering during a regular battle in the same situation it would be a draw and no one wins or loses. Thoughts?


U have to win. Anything that isnt a win is a loss


sadly in strike towers you have to win, a draw is not a win :sa:
I agree maybe they should let people retry for free if they had a draw (technically did not lose) but that is up to Ludia


Gunna cost u 200 cash to try again. But atleast u learned something


But I technically defeated the AI as well. So treat us as a draw and not a defeat. Does anyone from Ludia actually look at the forum? I don’t have much experience around here but I know that the total defeat simply isn’t accurate and not fair. I think it should be a free re-try.


Battling a strike tower is like racing a freight train. You can win, lose, or draw. Only one of those options is acceptable.


Well u know now that it’s not a free retry. Atleast u learned something


@Justin_Larson, I’m not sure I learned anything except Ludia has created different rules for battles without listing these rules. Can anyone show me where it says you can’t have a strike tower draw in some sort of official rule book that is available to everyone?


you can have a draw (just like in arena battles but in the arena you also do not receive an incubator for it).

In a strike tower it says: win(s) - you get rewards for a win (not win = lost the challenge)


I would argue: in battle arena you don’t win or lose trophies…it’s truly neutral; in strike event you lose an epic incubator…you get screwed.


true but it is a “free” epic incubator so they make the rules :smiley: we can’t do anything about it