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Unfair AI and PvP

Ludia you are loosing players.

Please try to address the following as it has greatly affected gameplay and realistic dino metrics:

  1. Dino’s with slow speed like 105 (Thor) shouldn’t be able to be boosted to speeds beyond 135. This is just unrealistic and unfair. Defeats the purpose of slow and fast Dino’s when anything can be boosted beyond belief. I understand this drives revenue but this is a bit much. Try defending against a 2500+ attack Thor with 135+ speed. Not realistic.

  2. You should only play players in your arena. On numerous occasions I have played players in two or three arenas above making it extremely unfair. It is virtually an instant lose.

  3. Unfair AI, for when you play a “player” which is really AI, the matchup is unrealistic.


  1. Have the option of just fighting AI in PvP so you can obtain your incubators or adjust the arenas correctly. Moreover maybe add leveled tier like tournaments where all Dino’s are L26.

  2. Cap speed increases on dinos where applicable. No way a Rex can outrun a Raptor. That’s like taking a 300lb man and having him with the gold medal in a 100m sprint.

  3. Fix AI when real players are not available.

Boost a magna’s speed 4 times and problem solved. Thor is really bad anyways

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Fight fire with fire then.

I wouldn’t. Boosting thor is a waste of boosts

Thor is easily counterable though. It is vulnerable to pretty much anything in the game.

I thought you were saying “mega boost a thor then”. I know. It stinks.I swamp them with the majority of my team (monostego and dracocera struggle a bit)