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Unfair alliance missions rewards grading

The new alliance missions rewards are not fair for lower level players: each mission tasks have the same value for all players- 1 dart has a value of 1 regardless of player level =1, same with battles, same with incubator, same for everything
Daily mission rewards are different for each level so it is appropriate for the rewards to be different. However it is not the same situation with the alliance missions.

Please treat every alliance members equally when they are doing the same work. I know how unfair it is since I am at level 20 and my wife is at level 12. We play together so we spin the same boxes, we catch the same dinos and we friendly battle together. She should get the same rewards at the end of the week as I get.


Couldn’t agree more.

There is no motivation for lower levels to work as hard now, and that’s a shame.

I can see a lot of lower level players not bothering with alliance missions now.


Looks like Ludia wants to give low lvl players a huge and unfair disadvantage hoping that they will invest money to progress faster.


I posted this in the support chapter hoping it would catch someone attention at Ludia
I am afraid that my post will never be seen and fixed.
Somehow, I don’t think Ludia realized the lack of logic with this new grading of rewards based on players’ level when the tasks are all the same across the alliance

Hope you understand

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Hey Johnnybuoy, I will be happy to relay your feedback to our team.

Thank you. :slight_smile:



Yes this change based on level is terrible. Rewards should be based on contribution a member makes to the team, not their level. Why should a level 20 player who doesnt contribute much automatically get more rewards then a level 15 players with numerous top contributors?


Why everyone wants everything for free and in no time?
I like the change because of two reasons.

1: Now ppl get rewarded for spending more time playing. More play time = more dna and coins = higher level. Sure level 1 player spinned the same stops then level 20 player, but the level 20 player is doing this way longer. Hitting high level and supporting the game for such a long time should at least feel a bit rewarding (more dna per dart, alliance mission scaling).

  1. We got around 20% higher rewards in the endgame for free. 600 epic dna instead of 500? Not to much but still a nice free income for every player who is willing to stick and play till endgame.

Dont look at it like Ludia stole from you. Look at the rewards and tell yourself:" I want to reach level 20 so i get more rewards and my grind will get better and better everyday i hit a level up."


So if you start a new job and the guy sitting beside has been there longer but does nothing all day should they get more money then you too?


that isn’t really an accurate statement. New job - new “entry level” pay. You also don’t know what management plans to do with that coworker, or how they got to that place on the pay scale.

Very sorry Michi but I totally disagree
Alliance missions are over 1 week, not over a year.
High level players get the long term rewards with epic strike towers, boosts and more coins. Alliance missions rewards should be based on alliance overall performance for that week . It is quite difficult to complete a 5/5 or now 10/10 and the reward is the same for all alliance members.
When a lv20 player spins 100 boxes and a lv12 player spins another 100 - you get 200 in that mission task - not 130 (based on lv ratio)

I hope Ludia will realize the unfairness of the current grading


New job doesnt mean entry level pay. You dont think people with years of experience go to another company. There not going there for entry level pay.

This has nothing to do with people wanting stuff for free. When you challenge other peoples opinions don’t throw comments like that out that make you look stupid.


i said entry level pay in quotes because not everyone starts at an entry level position. But you get to negotiate and decide what you are worth starting at that company. “entry level” in this case is what you valued yourself at, or what you were willing to compromise on.

And like most companies, there are opportunities for promotions or pay increases. if you’re new to the company, you won’t know how that “lazy” coworker got that pay.

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If anyone new worker or older worker does nothing he will/should get kicked by the boss/alliance leader. This has nothing to do with Ludia rewarding the long time players a little more then newer once.

And Ludia does that already! How many coins do you get when you tap a treasure chest? How many for a lv10?

Just not with weekly alliance missions - no level grading please


Alliance mission has not really any benefit of being a longtime player. It goes by contribution, regardless of level. Benefitting longtime players is done through striketowers. So for any new player, which are usually pretty enthusiastic about the game as they are new, who play alot they wont be rewarded the same as a less contributing longtime player.

I get your point with the strike tower. But this is what a RPG is all about. Level up get better rewardes till you got the best equipment/stats/dinos you can get. JWA is a grind heavy game and every level up should feel like a big step forward.
I remember the boring level phase were the only positiv thing about leveling up was +1 dna per dart. That was boring.

Also why you assume that longtime player are less productiv then newer once?

Hi Michi
I never assumed anything. Player level has little to do with performance.

I would prefer equal rewards for equal work and all tasks are equal (the same) for every alliance members.

That’s all. :v:


I read in the new update that depending on your player level depends how much dna you get from the weekly rewards. Th dumbest thing this game has done yet. I’m top player level and it still doesn’t give me everything. I do about 80 percent of everything exploration related. Change this now or I won’t be around by the time you do.

On the bright side everyone should be getting 10 and 10 rewards. This new mission is so easy we will probably be finished with close to 3 days left instead of 1.5 days left.