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Unfair Ban

I play 100% by the rules and with no cheating. I have been banned for playing the game fairly and without cheating. After spending money on runes, I get a ban. Please check my logs so that this can be corrected. This is absolutely unacceptable that fair players like myself are being temporarily banned. Please fix this issue for me!

I have the same problem. I went to play the game and it says I’ve been temporarily banned. I don’t cheat and I don’t even use the chat so there is nothing against the policy that I have done wrong. If it weren’t bad enough with the glitches that freeze my game so I lose the runes that I have spent too continue or the loss of energy from having to flee the game in order to get it to work. Fix this problem.

It’s unbelievable that innocent people continue to get banned. If I get a lucky board in arena and beat someone 500 points ahead of me…it sounds like people just report it. This is flat out wrong. I don’t cheat and I play by the rules! Moderators, can you please do something? Innocent players should definitely be looked at way more. Check the logs and fix my innocent ban please!

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