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Unfair Battle Opponent

I am a level 10 player and have been stuck in the badlands arena for months! I finally have collected enough DNA to level up my good dinosaurs, and have been building my trophies slowly, finally at about 2300 trophies, I go up against a level 24 Indoraptor!! I’ve only ever fought a legendary dinosaur once at my level, and that was today, now theres a unique one battling me? Takes me 2 dinosaurs and a swap in shattering rampage to finally take it down and then they bring out ANOTHER level 22 unique dinosaur that I’ve never even heard of! In one move it takes me down. It’s really disheartening to be trying my best to move up in the game just to get taken down by an impossible opponent. I thought the point of arenas was to fight a player at a similar rank to yours??

On the others side of things, I also battled a player with only level 5 dinosaurs last week? How did they even get into the arena I’m in with that low of a playing field?

I’m really frustrated by this sort of fluctuation and its things like this that made me stop playing for awhile. I’ve also read others having the same problem, can it please be addressed?
Stuck in the badlands forever

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Two things,

  1. the person with the 2 uniques were probably just down there to farm incubators for Irritator.

  2. the person with level 5 dinos were probably dropping Throphys to get to a lower arena for whatever reason.

They could also be bots but I don’t really know what differentiates bots from droppers/people who are farming.

As Fish said they could be dropping arenas to try and farm incubators. Check their player level, if they are also low report the name and #number as a spoofer. I had one this week lv14 with 3 x lv22 uniques. Ludia will know if they are play to win millionaires or cheats.

It’s not proper to report them as spoilers. As they aren’t spoofing.

And yes badlands is filled with people who are dropping ranks to farm

How is this fair in the nublar jungle? I Couldn’t kill a single creature. Allosinosaurus with 132 speed comes out and one-shots my first dinosaur. It kills my proceratomimus too. I put out velociraptor and allosinosaurus would have died but no, he swaps to edmontoguanodon, stuns my velociraptor, and then hits it for half of its health as edmontoguanodon was distracted. I swapped to T-Rex and he stuns it too and then my T-rex has 500 health left. And since it is slower it dies no matter what.

I just checked a couple alliance members in that trophy range and the team levels are close. The person probably lives in L3 and allo is pretty common to explain allosino. Hang in there and good luck!