Unfair Battles - Difficulty increased too quickly

Why is it that as you progress further in the battle rounds they become extremely unfair. I mean if you play multiple battles in a row in one sitting, you start off winning a few in a row against evenly-leveled dragons, yet after this, they become almost impossible to win. I find that I end up versing dragons which are level 14/15 when I only have one level 13 dragon, which is my highest leveled dragon. After an hour of trying to play, I’ve maybe only gained 100 trophies, as I will win one round then lose 7 or 8 in a row against dragons which way out-level mine. I have seen on other threads that the computer generates harder opponents if you win a few rounds, and will reduce the challenge if you lose a few. Yet on multiple occasions, I have lost 6/7 in a row, then I will win another more evenly-matched round, then will lose multiple more again.

It becomes a catch 22 after a while - you need to get to higher levels to get better card packs and dragons, but seemingly have to already have high-leveled dragons to even progress so far. Is this technique a way to stop players from progressing up the arena’s too quickly? If so, it is a very disappointing move by the developers and really hinders the playing experience.

I would like to see the rounds remain at a level that presents a challenge, but which is actually achievable to win (similar levels to the user’s dragons, with maybe one or two opponent dragons at a level above as a challenge). If not, there may as well be a cap on the number of battles you can play in a day because at least this way I would not lose all of my trophies playing rounds which seemed programmed for me to lose.

Agreed, totally agreed

Not that it helps overly much but the higher your dragon the higher the opponents. even if you only have one high dragon, it sets the opponents against that level.

My biggest complaint is when they hit you with dragons three levels above your highest dragon as has happened to me several times. Not just that but they get to use overpowered attacks which means having to use up boosts when doing gauntlet, yet you can’t use these in brawl.

It’s an algorithm, an extremely predatory one too.
It’s one of the many predatory practices used in this game and basically every other mobile game.
I actually just beat my first long gauntlet (egg prize) and upon defeating the last boss dragon which idk what to call it besides an extremely overpowered cloud jumper on steroids, and the very second it died my app completely shut down with no rewards no egg or anything. I used the team pictured. So I then did it again spent like about 1700 runes on pears and fill ups and the very second the lighting coated double titan cloudjumper died black screen app closed. Meatlug has an ability called reflect where for 2 turns all damage to him is reflected back on the attacker so obviously I’m gonna use that cause with the boosters in gauntletyou cant lose algorithm thinks your cheating and kicks you from the session. I’ve been playing this game for over a year I’m a “dragon rider” I play pretty much every day but until recently only once a day so I just figured my dragons werent strong enough but that’s not the case.
I’m gonna create a thread on all this in detail so everyone knows exactly what ludia is doing to them. Keep an eye out for it.

Do you mean brawl? The AI is designed to win. It will win even if you should. It will evade at critical times. I get a steady 250 trophies every 10 games. I ‘force lose’ to reset the difficulty of my rivals so their levels will be lower than mine. Then I win 10x in a row. Then force lose 10x in a row (force closing app). It works well for me. I am almost at 100k trophies.