Unfair battles / fixed to lose


When are ludia going to fix the game where we don’t have to face two or three of the same dinosaur in the same battle?

This is a known issue but nothings being done about it… Instead they wanna roll out updates bringing more issues to the game?

Ludia is all about the money and not about the player…


Bugs are often addressed during the updates as they make require large overhauls to correct.


Fixed to lose :joy::joy::joy: OMG, that made my day.


Actully no that’s not actully true the last couple of updates haven’t addressed the bugs…


I said often. Not always…


Maybe it’s made your day… But only the page on Facebook alot of people are agreeing with the said statement


Who cares how many people agree with it if it’s obviously not true?


Dude. Facebook agrees. It must be correct. Obviously.


But as a company they should concentrate on fixing the bugs instead of bringing new stuff out… Each update brings new issues


You do realise there are most likely two groups of people working on this. The people working on new content and the people working on the issues. And when it comes to software glitches, the more people working together to solve it the harder it is to get favorable results.


I don’t think most of the people complaining here have the slightest idea about software development, lol.


People care… Thats who


Seriously not getting into childish rubbish I posted what I thought… But hey apparently you are an expert


This isn’t about technical knowledge or the trustworthiness of facebook. This simple fact is that Ludia has been made abundantly aware of these bugs yet hasn’t even properly acknowledged them to their player base in any effective way. That’s not a software issue, it’s an unacceptable communication flaw, and if they want to keep up daily active players or even garner new ones, they’ll need to step up their game exponentially.


I do agree with most of the comments here.

We are here to voice out our thoughts. We give constructive comments. That is what we do. We hope that the developer will hear our voices and thoughts. Our motive is to make the game better; because we love the game.

So far I believe some of our voices are heard i.e. removal of excessive bot accs, giving more opportunities for players to earn coins, etc. It is because of people like us - those that are vocal - makes the difference. So, good job to you guys. Without your constructive criticisms the game may not be able to move forward.

P/S: There are some nerds correcting others English and criticising others that criticise the game… :grin:… funny as it seems but… :blush: