Unfair battles


I feel like all my battles are unfair, because everyone has like pyroraptor or indominus rex but im only in mt sibo and im so close every time to ss arcadia but the last battle i just lose 3 in a row. Any tips on how to beat a level 17 pyroraptor with nothing higher than level 10


Anything with an attack ability that slows your opponents down is a good counter vs. Raptors. Try using amargasaurus, argentinosaurus, or apatosaurus.

Lots of players lose battles intentionally in order to get knocked back down the ladder, trying to score epic DNA from incubators on that particular level.

Sibo is level 2, so keep trying new counter strategies. And keep filling up your incubator slots. Outside of buying them, it’s one of the fastest ways to get the extra boost your team needs.

Hope the advice helped!


I had to go down to arena 5 because its rewards are much better then 7’s arena. Ludia should rework reward system, it’s so weird