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Unfair Battles?!


I think the battles need some work since the new udpates, I’m only level 5 and have just battled someone with a level 17 raptor and a level 12 t rex?! Before that someone with a level 3 on everything! How is that fair, you can’t progress when there’s zero chance of winning battles, why are battles not grouped into people at the same level? It’s ridiculous


You are right that the Arena doesn’t work very well. It is currently based on being paired with another player with the same or similar number of trophies. Unfortunately the game doesn’t take into account that your opponent may not have started the Arena until they had a decent set of dinosaurs meaning that the dino vs dino levels are way out.

In my opinion, Ludia need to change the Arenas to be level specific with regards to the dinosaurs. So for example, the first Arena level would allow dinosaurs of levels 1-3 for instance. Each subsequent Arena expands that so that you only play against dinosaurs of the roughly the same level.


Yes it definitely needs altering, I’m stuck at one battle level at the minute because I’ll get a run of several lower level dinos then some that are ridiculously high and then I get dropped back down to where I started so I get bored of it after a while


I am level 7, just played a badlands round…the opponent started with a trike.

I lost 2 dinos and was two hits into my last before he failed a 25 percent mini stun and I got ONE attack in.

That’s right, he spammed SEVEN straight minimal stubs with successful stuns before I got a shot in.

That’s as bad as, or even worse than, when you could win every time just spamming Raptors.

The thing is, when I have a stunning dino with 75 percent stun chance, I get a stun maybe 5 percent of the time.


I bet it was dracorex lol he’s one of my favourites but you’re right he can kill off like 3 in a run so it’s not very fair really


Triceratops … just as bad


Oh ye he’s a pain lol I always use something like argentinosaurus against him so i can get 2 impacts in before his one


Oh ye he’s a pain too! I always use something like argentinosaurus so i can get 2 impacts in before his 1


Because that would be boring. Optimising you squad and climbing the ranks is the point.

No matchmaking system is perfect, you’ll having outliers for sure.
Let’s say I just upgraded all my Dino’s after a day off adventuring. Instead of climbing the rank a bit before settling, instead I’m matched with dudes with stronger stuff and just lose more.

Furthermore what if you are simply bad at strategy games. You’ll constantly be matched with people of similar level meaning you’ll always lose because you’re bad/ less hardcore.

At my current rank the average player has better stuff than me. That seems unfair but I beat everyone around the same level as me so I get ranked with better players.


for what’s worth;

I’m having the exact same. Got easily up to 3500 points but got degraded to 2900.
My team excists on 6 epic + stegosaurus lv17 and allosaurus lv 15 which should be stable
for my level (9). Unfortunately I’m battling against legendary dino’s like indominus rex,
stegodeus and level 15+ epics which is almost impossible to win against.
Also the fact for example my instant charge 75% stun almost never stuns, and when playing against
a stegoceratops all of its attacks stun immediantly.
It’s unbalanced this way, hopefully it’s fixed soon


Hahahah, I lost ten in a row to players with higher levels.


I’m stuck in badlands. I win some. then the engine for them is boosted by 50% I miss all 75 stuns miss all 30 percent crits. they hit all stuns all Crits and if I do win, the next match is worse. every time I battle the enemy has levels ranging from 3-5 lvls higher than mine. my lvls are 11-13 and there’s are 15-22. also I go into uniques and legendary hyrbids all the time. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WIN?!?


lucky. I’m at 2300-2400 and all I go against is uniques and legendaries and LVL 15-22 teams. I’m only LVL 7 the enemy is LVL 12