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Unfair for those living outside of the states


So lately, we have had:
1)AMC epic crates only for those in the States
2)Walmart specific crates
3)And now the worst blow of all, the events are now 12 hours, meaning the a lot of us can only take part during the night.

This is getting a beyond a joke for those who are outside of America, the game is meant to be global and is enjoyed by many from various countries. I don’t believe it’s fair for us to be penalised for our location.


If the events were set to the clock on out mobile carriers rather than a time zone this could be epic. I have missed events in Pokemon Go, and now this game due to developers not thinking outside of their local area, forgetting the rest of the world isn’t America.
As for the Wallmart crates, my local walmart is about a 18 hour plane flight away, so if other stores would like to be asked to jump on board, that would also be cool.


I really don’t want to complain, but it is starting to get a bit irritating. And may possibly be a sign of things to come. I am in the UK, so we don’t have a Walmart or an AMC.

People in Australia have it worse. They’re event time is 9.30-9.30 I believe. Even an 18 hour time. Will be better. It’s unfair on those with jobs as well.

The AMC crate also sounds like quite a big deal, and is worth quite a lot of money… Seems unfair to gift these things away to a set amount of people.


The decisions made here are terrible. Shows pretty much no forethought from the person making these decisions. I have more hope of niantic listening to players than ludia from this… 89% of players who voted so far in the poll about how long the event should last think the change was terrible.


Poll is stupid and your complaining about something without even knowing what happening with event. It’s temporary 12h instead of 24h until they fix a bug that’s forcing entire areas to have only event dinos so you can’t even play at all while event happening


Would be nice for a heads up or some clarification. And your reply doesn’t address the other issues brought up.