Unfair match sprt still and non working dodge or evasive abilities

Im quite n old player here, but even to reach my level took me months of hard work.

I am getting fed up with inballanced matches, people with hybrids what me, a level 17 gaker cannot ever have… I saved months for an indoraptor and indominus. Both are now by lvl 22.

While other people play with level 20 monomimus ( i have a lvl 17, since NOWHERE IS MONOLOPOSAURUS… NOWHERE ), it is tough to play.

Furthermore all these dinosaurs are able for dodging… Interestingly several matches go down that my dinos are useless due to inactive dodge or evasive abilities, till my counterpart wins the whole game with one dinosaur with constant dodge… And no, I get that sometimes yes, it works, somstimes not. But from 10 matches only once, it is a joke.

May I know what is this?! Chance is 50-50% and not full 100 and for the other zero.

Or remove these abilities or work please something out because I am tired of not being able to move higher to other arenas, I am tired of chasing for update without any dna avaiable.

My suggestion is that or dodge and evasive abilities become permanent and then nullifying functions can remove them or remove the full dodge stuff, because this makes the whole game irritating and miserable.

Furthermore place more epics out please. The update said we will have more… Where? Once a week I find a trex and maybe an Oranosaurus or a Secondotosaurus, which to be frank : what can I use for? … I travel everyday 200 kilometers due to my work. I live in the capital of Germany.

Compare to that almost nothing. The same always.

How can the other have level 20 sinoraptor on lvl 12/13 and so on, and I just cannot update my dino even, because there is nothing around.

It would be really cool to update the system and let more dinosaurs out, make a better match playing and also do something sith the dodge, because this is nonsense!

I searched for a thread on the failing evasive stance issue. Any time I post anything (or my husband) reporting a glitch it gets flagged.

I’m having quite an issue with the evasive stance not working. I just battled maybe 10 matches and Neither my mono or indom dodged anything. While my opponent was successful every single time. Needless to say I lost ALL of the matches. It is almost comical! What’s going on?! Has something changed? I went from over 3700 down to low 3400 unable to have my creatures dodge anything. I know it’s 50/50 but if that was the case it should have worked JUST ONCE during those matches.

I know it’s not just me. I’m sure others are having issues.

Use nullify! can’t dodge if your dodge ability is nullified. Don’t have a good nullify get darting plenty of them are common like tanycolagreus dodge works fine atm if it’s troubling you get Dino’s that negate it just mho

My post yesterday about this was blocked!

I am in the same shoes. I am stucked since weeks. I loose matches, even by much weaker creatures… But my counterparts beat me easily. One creature kills all my 4 due to constant evasive ability. :frowning:

Finding a place to find the Dino’s you need is all about traveling around. I play in a small park/neighborhood area and rarely see any Epic, one a day… sometimes two. I have the game open when we go to shopping and some areas seem to be infested with them! Most are out of range or trying to dart in a moving vehicle is not the easiest thing to do. But I can pick a little DNA off them.

No, I cannot travel every day to those places to play but I am sure many people live where some desirable creatures spawn much more than where others play. Luck of the draw. I create what I can with what I find in my area, it is what it is.

RNG can be fickle. I just took out someone’s team who relied on it heavily, shot through every one of their cloaks/dodges. Got them for a second battle, two shotted their cloaked Indom and they rage quit. Made for an easy win for me. I have also been taken out by opponents who dodged or cloaked every single one of my attacks. It goes both ways.

My team does not rely heavily on RNG. Been there, tried that, didn’t work for me. I created my team not relying on dodging or cloaks. I do have stuns, but many creatures do and it seems to be a part of most Dino’s attacks. I went for power and immunity. It works out much better for me.

My response wasn’t asking for advice on switching up my team. My response was to just state I have noticed a certain move failing repeatedly. I do not rely on it. I use nullifying. However sometimes the way the cards are dealt you don’t always get your pick and have nullifying creatures.
I just simple stated that every time I used that move it didn’t work. And noted other players it did work. In battles past it was balanced. As in sometimes mine worked and sometimes my opponents worked. Sometimes it didn’t. But this wasn’t normal.

I apologize for the reply then, sorry.

I have not noticed a difference in chance when my opponents use it, it does not seem to have changed for my battles. I do notice when it goes in streaks, like all dodge or all not dodging. Those stick out in my memory but they do not when it is a hit or miss thing.