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Unfair matches in PvP (Overpowered opponents)

The matches were initially ok and even, but as I leveled up just a little bit, now every single PvP match is highly in favor of the opponent. I even calculated the ferocity difference, and the opponent almost always has 1000 or above mine. Not to mention the creature advantage(For e.g., an amphibian over my carnivore) is in their favor too most of the time.

But it doesn’t end here. My best team is a level 9 legendary, a level 40 common, and a level 30 common; but all I’m getting as opponents are highly leveled up rares,super rares, hybrids and legendaries. I could barely win a couple of matches, most likely because of pure luck.

Ludia, please look into this ASAP.

Hello, Rex0. It does seem frustrating if you keep getting matched against stronger opponents. I’ll make sure to bring this up with the team. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at Thank you!

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Just for your knowledge:
It is not unusual, that you get stronger opponents. But since it is not a real player you can beat him quite easy. Try to figure out what the computer will do and you can compete against this stronger teams.


Thank you, I hope this gets fixed soon. It’s indeed frustrating to constantly get unfair matches against overpowered opponents.

I get you mate, but there is a difference b/w stronger and overpowered. I’ve had many matches like that by now. I did manage to beat a couple who were perhaps just on the verge of being overpowered but I can only go so far like that. The matchmaking system really needs to be looked at.

You might want to post an example over on the General Discussion and experienced players can let you know if what you are seeing is unusual. There is a degree of randomness, but I can only recall one land PvP and one aquatic PvP in the last several weeks that I had a problem winning (the first the AI put so much of its ferocity on the first creature and got the first turn that it KO’d me immediately… that always sucks). Otherwise, pretty much same as always.


With the following team I have a like 100% win rate in Mod pvp, if I am playing concentrated:

LV.40 Limnorynchus
LV.10 I-Rex
LV.1 Alanq

I have been past that point and have never had any PVP Issues,they are always easy. Occasionally Modded PVP yes,but other than that? Not really.