Unfair matchup


I just got a seriously mismatched partner. I’m level four, I don’t know what level this person was, but it was 2 level 12 dinosaurs against my level 6, max! This picture is round one. I knew it wasnt going to be good so I snapped a picture. After downing two of my guys in a row they switched to a T-Rex. Maybe just to show off.

I’m disabled all right. I play infrequently at the library or coffee shop with wifi. I don’t have the stamina to go all over the place collecting DNA more the money for fancy incubators. I watch ads when they are available to help support the devs I don’t mind. But I expect a fair game and this wasn’t.


Hey RainbowTeaKitty! Thank you for writing in to us. I appreciate your support for our game and I am sorry to hear about your experience with the battle Arena.

Your opponents from the battle Arena are selected based on your trophy count. The opponents you meet in Arena will likely have a trophy count similar to yours. This increases your odds of quickly finding someone to battle! This means your opponent could be of a different player level, or have dinosaurs that are different levels than yours.

To find out more about how your opponents are selected in the battle Arena, please visit our FAQ here:


Maybe they were smurfing and went down to a lower arena to get incubators. The Trex dna is attractive to get in lower arena incubators. That’s my guess.


I get the same thing! Level 8 and got swiped out by level 16 Indom!
Might drop levels like others seem to be doing! If you can’t beat them…join them!


Those OP players are NOT bots!!!
The most of them are VIPs but Ludia does not admit, that they get preferential Matchup!!!
The others are Hackers who cracked the Matchup system, get invulnerable dinos or have NO cooldown for special attacks. I see so many people who dont have a cooldown…it`s disgusting!
Why the f… is there no banwave to get those Cheaters out of the game?! WHY LUDIA???


Welcome to the game. There making loads of money and dont care. Its what happend with Pokemon Go and sadly it will soon happen to thos game as well. The game makers just want to make as much money as possible and ignore the customer.


Nice how my opponent just wiped me out with three different types of level 12 raptor!
This was of course chosen by random and chance for them and I didn’t even get a raptor in my team of level 8 and 10 to choose from fume


Been getting the same here. Getting stomped my players who either have no cooldown period or for some odd reason have the luck to stun me every time with moves that only have 25% chance of stun. Really starting to think something is being done to modify the way people are playing. How can someone have a chance to win battles when moves that have 2 turn cooldown are used every other turn? Or have to end turns because of constant stun even though the % cannot be that high? I quit playing the first Jurassic World game because of cheaters, looks like that is the course of action for this one too unless this problem gets taken seriously.


Ludia must take action against Hackers! What to do? BAN everyone who behaves suspiciously! BAN them without mercy! Yes…there will be collateral damage! Yes there will be innocent players get banned! But people who are really innocent can prove that and get their accounts back.


That’s where the biggest part of the problem is going to occur. The fact that players who were able to do the beta test were allowed to keep their stats when it went into the alpha phase. I don’t see where bans are going to fix the issue not if they can just start a new game and do it all over again. There are too many glitches and ways to get around the programming that are allowing this to happen. Like one that I had happen last night. I had the speed advantage my opponent used adrenaline surge which is a move that doesn’t cause them to move first but yet it instantly switched on who could hit first.