Unfair Matchups


Anyone else notice unfair match ups when battling? I just got my first 2 legendary creatures, but have been consistently been matched up against people with 4 or 5 legendary. I don’t even have a chance at that point. They need to fix the formula used to match people because it isn’t fun anymore when you lose 6 battles on a row and get knocked down a stadium going against people way higher.


Part of the issue isn’t necessarily the formula. I recently learned there are players who intentionally lose battles to go down in ranks, just so they can battle their way back up and get more incubators. As frustrating as it can be, sometimes you just gotta shake it off, know you’re doing your best, and keep plugging at it. Don’t give up brother. Congrats on your new dino’s btw.


no any unfair about the match, when you go to the certain point or arena , you will meet stronger enemy, they would not follow what your dino level, they are follow your arena and battle point. If you cannot win or move forward that means your dinos or team was not strong enough to fight ald, go level up your team or get stronger dino. No way you use low level dino then would just meet low level enemy. If like that , you use level 4 dino would forever fight level 4 enemy? Just remember this, higher battle point or arena you would meet stronger and higher level dino enemy. Don’t always just know to blame!!


I ran into one of those players that intentionally de-rank…I too am one of those players because I never got a t-rex n would love to have one. I don’t see a problem with it except for when you put out extremely powerful dinos in the first arena giving new players no chance and making the game no fun for them. As you can see I put out a dino at the proper level for this arena, I’m trying to win now n hopefully get my rex. EDIT I’m having issues uploading the screenshot I too please help.


See? There’s nothing wrong with that. At least you’re being courteous. Many do not. We need more players like you.


Not all the players you are getting may have intentionally deranked. I lost over 300 Trophies yesterday just trying to fill 2 incubator slots. 4000+ to 3680 Trophies. It was a bit frustrating to get RNG’d… every… single… battle! Every stun, every cloak, every dodge… Everything went for the other player and not for me, it was amazing. So now when I battle I am the one several levels higher than my opponents. They either are very skillful or I just bull them over. It will take a while for me to get out of the 3700 trophies range, I only battle for incubators, so will be frustrating players who face my team.


I didn’t realize people intentionally de-rank. I’ve lost some battles against people that have a similar team to me and I’m okay with that. I’ve been hovering around 3200-3400 trophies and have been in Sorna for a while. Yesterdqy I was matched against someone who was at 3500, that had 6 legendaries all at an 18 or above. I don’t think there is anything to do about it, but it is frustrating.


I only battle for incubators as well so I feel your pain. I also don’t pay actual money for anything, so that’s probably the problem for me as well. I still never get as high as those that fork out the money for stuff.


I never will either, and I am fine with that. Around Dino level 20 is where F2P seems to get stuck. It costs a lot to fuse and evolve so many of us will stagnate in that area unless we put out cash. Our Epics have reached their max useful level and we are starting to fuse more Legendary. It is going to take a lot of time (spelled – COINS) to get them high enough to enter our teams so we can advance. I have more than enough DNA to pump several up a few levels, but lack coins. It looks like most of the F2P will bottle neck around 4000 Trophies. Good for us as there will be many folks to battle so waits should be small. Bad for us as we will also battle folks who had bad RNG and moved down to that range.

I can accept that my actual battle team will change very little for a while. I cannot afford to create anything new to add that would be worth while.


While de-ranking… All those battles lost to de-rank have been won by some lucky people… More incubators in their slots.
I’ve intentionally lost to move down in ranks so I could battle with new dinos that I could never use in a higher arena because they aren’t strong enough or don’t fit the current meta. I have much more fun battling, even if losing, when I get to choose dinos I want to try out. Battling can stress me out. I want it to be fun and a good match up. I like when it’s down to 2-2 and you are trying to guess which move your opponent will make next so you can counter it properly and try to take them out, but then sometimes it’s down to RNG. Still more fun and less stressful than clawing your way up the ranks. IMHO


It is getting pretty ridiculous. I was struggling at around 2500 and just lost a bunch down to 2200-2300 and now I win 1 and lose 2 and that’s the best. Can’t win and can’t get back to where I was. Everyone’s Dino’s are way stronger and it’s making me not want to battle anymore. My Dino’s are all epic and from lvl12 to lvl15. I don’t get it… I have good strategy but they just aren’t strong enough. Yet before I used to do it easy. Why has it gotten harder?


You have to commit to long hours of hunting every day/week to level up your team. Do all strike events too. Choosing the correct dinos is just part of the gameplan. Beefing them up is another part. And skilled gameplay is the other part. And then there’s the RNG…


I have enough DNA to rank up. My problem is the coins. I have 30+ dinos I can level up or merge, but I don’t have the coins to do it. I’ll just have to be happy where I am for a while.


I’m so sick of having to spend a half an hour just to get an incubator that I rarely even have one going. It seems like incubators should be easier to get. Especially with the strike events going on… This game should have something else you can do besides battling and catching.


In the latest survey they ask about match making, so if you haven’t yet you should voice your opinion there. Link in your in game inbox. As they’ve shown many times, contrary to what some whiners say, they really do listen.


I did fill out the survey and was excited to see that topic brought up. I know the game is still newer and they are still working on improvements. I still enjoy playing, but some days are better than others


The way I see it is if you hit those periods where you get in a losing streak it’s either extremely bad luck, or means you’ve been doing so well that you’ve progressed to the further point your team can take you, which actually makes it a good sign. It’s a success problem.


I just set it aside for a bit at those points. The match was decided before you even pulled your first dino. It also seems like they get all the crits and stuns, so the match is merely lost. Those players seem to come in waves, so set the phone aside, and come back to it later.


The matchmaking is all based on medals. If you’re running into over powered Dino’s you either…

A. Ran into someone who just spent a bunch of real cash and that’s just going to happen especially in the lower arenas or

B. Ran into someone who just sucks at this game and is relying on power to win instead of a sound strategy in which case you should pat yourself on the back for having a similar medal count as they do. They should be at a much higher medal count if they were any good.

Of course you’ll also run into those that derank on purpose and give all kinds of valid sounding reasons for that but I just put them in group B


I put myself in category B. I am too old to remember all the moves and counters in the game. And now that they have changed… I have absolutely no clue other than to look at what the other person’s moves are after their Dino is in the Arena. Then, I can’t remember what moves my team has to counter effectively. So, basically, I pick the strongest one, throw it in and hope for the best. I tag the wrong attack frequently then … just after hitting it… think of how stupid that choice was and I should have hit something else. Sometimes I guess right, or just get lucky. Most of the time I pick wrong. I am the moron you come up against and think “WTF are they thinking doing THAT???” Sorry folks, but I can’t be the only one like this.