Unfair or not acceptable battle in Arena 8

It is really unfair or not acceptable to meet this kind of person in Arena 8.

Its trophies are ONLY " 4110 " with maximum level Stego. and a couple of high level dinos.

This kind of person can spoil the battle system.
The stego alone killed all of my dinos.
Really disappointing.


That looks like a great time! I am facing 29 indos and 30 Stegos now. It is an absolute BLAST! :slight_smile:

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I think they intentionally dropped their trophies for easy victory or some dinos but it can spoil the battle system.

Could be that he/she is having a run of bad fights and had been slammed back down the arena I was around 4500 and thought I was safe and after a bad run I’m just keeping my self in the ruins with 4045 ish .probably not bit just a possibility

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I don’t think that team in first post can go such lower with loss streak. My team sucks compare to him and I just today reach 4700+ trophies. But I know i am going down soon.

Go have a look at the video on the monochicken thread. He’s in the ruins and if I face him he’s gonna wipe the floor with me :grin:

Probably it can happen but the stego alone killed all my dinos.

I don’t want to meet it again in Arena 8.

With ±450 Trophies it could very well be someone on a run of bad luck battling. I am usually around 4100 and currently just went under 3800. I am getting level 16 Legendary/18 Epic opponents and crushing them. I am sure they think I intentionally dropped just so I could ‘feel good’ about winning easy battles. Truth is I battle for incubators so runs of lose 2-3/win 1 is nothing I worry about. I will get to a low point, like now, and win 3/lose 1 until I am back at ~4100.

I have been wondering if the Tournaments set off a ‘wave’ kind of reaction. Think of a crowded highway ‘caterpillar’ or wave effect. Someone taps their brakes, folks behind them hit theirs, folks behind them hit theirs all in reaction to the first. It takes longer to accelerate then decelerate so the traffic has a long reaction to the initial event. The initial event can work its way back for a mile or more until it gradually dissipates.

I notice that when all the ‘unfair battle’ threads start, I am usually at the bottom or close to one of mine. Meaning I have dropped trophies and am battling much lower players teams. Just pondering if it could be a natural rhythm of the game, owing to the resets for Competitions or just naturally occurring.

With higher players moved lower, they are battling much lower trophy players. The lower trophy players lose more and move lower in trophies. As the better players move up, the lower players also move up. The higher players run into much stronger teams/better players and go on losing streaks. As they lose they run into lower players who have rose in Trophies. They cause them to lose trophies then they in turn run into lower trophy players and knock them down and so on. It could just be a cycle thing in the game.

Not affecting all players, but a majority of them. The better players would have less of a trophy bounce than many.

So what if he smashes. So what if he tanks. He’s just having fun. Like nobody else will see.

Due to crappy Alanqa Epic DNA being awarded a lot in Lockwood, I planned to come down a bit to 4.7k - 4.8k trophies to farm Stygi DNA.

My team is not as good as the team in question but I literally had to loose on purpose to maintain trophies anything below 4.7K.

Also, at 4.6 - 4.7K, I encountered many teams with Level 20 - 24 dinos who just gave up at the start itself looking at my Lvl 28 StegoGod.

Note: I have a Lvl28 Stegodeus and feel bad wiping entire opponent teams by just using impact + another move combo repeatedly. No way, the person is at 4.1k trophies with that team without loosing on purpose… or maybe his/her kid is doing the battles!

Well, everybody has bad fights. And sometimes it doesn’t depend on level difference.
Literally few minutes ago I had a fight where my opponent also killed my with only his or her stegodeus. First my 75% stunn didn’t happen
Then he hit me 5 of 5 times when I tried to dodge and killed my indoraptor and monomimus.
That happens, just accept it.

I think I battled this same player the other day around the 40xx area. Several uniques and at level 20. Waste of time and trophies with these types of encounters.

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i don’t think that team could have a bad run. it could probably get disconnected and use basic attacks all game and win.

but some people spend a lot of money and don’t battle all the time, so they will have amazing teams, but not many trophies. it’s probably rare. it’s not like you are running into a team like that at 4100 every battle.


Welcome to JWA!
Anything goes.
Pull up you big girl/big boy pants and try to have fun!

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Extreme example that only represents 1 match.

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Pretty sure I was pitted against this team, when I was at around 4,200 - 4,300 trophies. He wiped my entire team out with Stegod, because, just like your case, nothing worked for me…

i belong were i am at and maybe just a few more trophies. but thst guy should be closer to aviary. thats to big of a loss. hes just trying to get easier incs or different dna.

I don’t blame the player totally.
Experienced the same; dropped down to 42xx from 52xx because of bad team selection and RNG…:sweat_smile:

thats crazy man!!!

how many unchecked messages and flagged messages that you have lol.

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I wasn’t saying you were dropping down or not meant to be there was just commenting that if I face you I’m gonna probably die horribly

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