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Unfair rules on epic strike

I tried today’s epic strike. The bad thing is, I had connection issues, and got timed out. When I came back, it got marked as a loss, so I was basically charged 200 for a refund for something that wasn’t my fault. I tried it again, and I got a draw. IT MARKS IT AS DEFEAT, AND ITS FORCING ME TO PAY 500 BUCKS TO RETRY!

Ludia, please make fair rules.


The game can’t tell whether you’ve lost connection or walked away from the fight. It isn’t a fairness issue although I fully understand your frustration.

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I do think a draw should give you a free retry.


Well they could know with a simple ruthere/yesiam added - they’re probably using a websocket for communications so there are even dead peer detection built into some those implementations - allow for a cpl drops because drops happen, have them go every 2 seconds and after 3 or 5 in a row, the connection is dead… Really this is simple stuff, so the excuse they can’t know doesn’t hold any water. But it would allow people to kill off the game mid fight if it’s going bad for them and get free tries again… I’d say that’s less bad than people having to spend 2 or 500 HC for connection drops. None of this is rocket surgery…

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Exactly. That would be abused to no end. The genuine disconnection issues would be the minority.
Draws counting as a loss is b s though.


Exactly, a draw isn’t being defeated, it specifically not being defeated nor winning.

Draw should not count but the house always wins, 2 ways to lose, only 1 way to win.


If they only implemented it in strike events then who cares? As long as real PvP battles can’t be messes with like that then fine - I don’t care if someone would abuse it for a strike event. Implement dead peer detection and for strike events, dead peers dont lose 200 if they happen to have roamed off wifi to the mobile network… It’s actually kind of ridiculous that it hasn’t been implemented. It’s some really basic stuff…

If only it was like black jack. Depending on where you go if you get a tie with the dealer, you get a “push” and don’t lose your money, but you can’t take it either. You get a free retry and get double the amount back of you beat the dealer.

Other places the player wins on a tie and the rest the house gets it.

They do.
I am all for calling out Ludia on their b s, but giving 0 thought to how the desired change would impact their monetization is just naive.
Everything should be cheaper in this game, the VIP price is the only thing that’s somewhat fair in terms of money/value, everything else costs a ridiculous amount for neglegible in-game progress in return.
They should absolutely be called out about that, but expecting them to blatantly give an easy loophole for what otherwise could bring them money, is just naive.

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It’s happened to me as well. Probably most players have lost an Epic Strike in a similar manner.

But agree that a draw should not be penalized.

IIRC there is an ondestroy hook that they could even use to send a message that would prevent people from abusing it for strike events too…

If it is a business decision, I would encourage all players who lose because of a disconnect to open a support ticket, waste supports time on it until they implement a solution…

I don’t like that disconnecting counts as a loss even when your dinosaurs are so OP that they would have won by spamming their first attack.

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I failed the first try HARD.

So the 2nd try activated Lydia’s “here’s a chance” mode, and I BARELY got it done.

Draws have always worked that way with epic strikes. It’s happened to me before. And it makes sense too, since you’re penalized for having to try again, not for losing.

As for connection issues, you have my sympathies. I’ve been there.

Though I know draws always worked like this in strikes it’s weird that in arena you don’t lose trophies for draw, but you need to pay for retry in strikes. Its understandable though to pay for retry after draw. With free retry after draw everybody would just want to draw it to avoid paying for retry.

It was easy using a Utarinex, Carnotarkus, Tryo combination. Bleeders not needed.

I won with 3-1. I got Erlikosaurus and Woolly Rhino out of it :slightly_smiling_face:.

3 ways to lose… getting defeated, getting disconnected and getting a draw… only 1 to win.

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*Rhino …

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