Unfair team of raptors


I think it’s a little unfair coming face to face in battle to the likes of Delta, then Echo, then Blue, and Charlie, not to mention the velociraptor, pyroraptor, utahraptor and the tanys. There is supposed to be variety. I’ve now come down 400 trophies because people are cheating. There must be some way to eliminate the amount of raptors in a team? I know they are awesome, but having a whole team isn’t fair on everyone else.


Get a Stegosaurus in your team. With the recent update, raptors don’t stand a chance against counters. Raptor switching is no longer a good option, and full teams of raptors can easily be handled. They are actually weak.


I have the stego and the stego x tri but they get beaten down and then they change dinos so the raptors are saved to come back out again. Maybe some more pinning strikes?


Trying to evolve my kentosauras as that looks great against a raptor


Learn how to fight :+1: if it’s a team of raptors then that’s one of the easiest teams to beat, nowadays


A stegoceratops can easily handle not one, but two different raptors and survive. Suchotator, ankylocodon, postimetrodon, dimetrodon, stegosaurus, stegoceratops, nodopatosaurus, apatosaurus, wuerhosaurus, einiasuchus, all these can handle raptors very easily. And the list goes on and on. Really, I wish i had to fight full teams of raptors all the time. Easy trophies.

Yup, kentrosaurus works as well. Really, anything that can slow, self cleanse, immune or simply survive two raptor hits can handle raptors.


I’ve been battling for only a couple of months and landed at 2800+ so couldn’t be all that bad…


Thanks. Need the time to go out exploring to evolve more tanks :wink:


Do you have an Ouranosaurus available?


Stegodeus stegocwratops tragodistis and even nodopatosaurus and stegosaurus can handle not 1, 2 raptors and more whit tank buff the rsptor meta is gone


Get some bulky speed reducers. Argentinosaurus, Nodopata, Stegosaurus, Stegoceratops, Amargasaurus, Amargocephalus are all perfect choices. Anything bulky can usually deal with raptors, just watch the levels.


No, don’t have that yet. Is it catchable or in incubators?


It’s a catch-anywhere epic, and I do believe it can come from incubators as well.


Also a pinning strike is deadly to the glass cannon because raptor strike is not that strong and any dinosaur with 1.5 or 2x damage will kill a raptor especially if it’s a tank with lots of health


It’s only unfair if your team is not set up to counter such a force of raptors. Its challenging to fight them but it’s definitely not cheating.


Bringing a raptor in to do a pounce and then swap straight out again isn’t fair??


Use a dino with lock down capabilities like Nodopatasaurus…. There’s quite a few dinos now with this capability since the latest update xxx Make that your first move then they can’t swap it out and you can wash the floor with them xx


That’s not unfair and it’s not cheating. It’s a strategy. It can be countered by a tank dinosaur that can handle the pounce or if you get one with an ability to be faster. Also, you can time it right so that when they want to pounce you have something to deal with it.


You need more stun and high power dinosaurs like T-Rex. Raptors can be beat.