Unfair to your players

Two things, first where do I find info on chimera type monster and I want to add to the many complaints about your unbalanced battle system and the gem system…specifically that the battle system is severely unbalanced and seems very unfair to everyone…the gem system is grossly unfair as revives cost too many gems and gem rewards do not help support the players needs for them throughout the game…I am heavily weighing the need to find another game to play if these issues do not get addressed quickly. Your system feels very much like a money grab and that is hurtful to your player base. Please help us feel like you care about your player base more.


Hello @Ragermod, We are very appreciative of all the players who provide their feedback. We’ve passed on your concerns about the battle system as well as the gem system. We like to have the best gaming experience for our Adventurers. Keep that feedback coming in.

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I still am not seeing a place to get the chimera question answered.

They can be found in the Harvestshield mountain

Thank you Jon

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Rant continued…Ok so I have been spending alot of time and money trying to build good chars and have good fun. But, your gem and fighting system is completely unfair and is cheating me out of hard earned gems. It would be beneficial for you to lower the gem costs for revive and also to review your monster attacks sequences as they sometimes seem to get more multiple attacks on my teams before I get even one attack…it is extremely frustrating to be killed off with only getting 1 or 2 attacks to the monsters. 3 to 5 attacks per turn. I just want your player base and myself to have a more fair chance at a victory and to not feel cheated for all we do to level and be successful. Thanks

If I were you I’d save your hard earned gems for coins or item packs when they are on special offer rather than on revives. Most dungeons are only up to 4 rooms each and you can easily get back to the one you’re currently on, whereas the gem costs as you say equate to >1000 coins worth, which you wouldn’t spend to continue typically.

Also I find if you’re on Explore mode and you get wiped even after trying out a double tank, healer + ranged damage team after a few attempts because your team are getting taken out early by heavy hitters/multiple attacks then your team is not strong enough to continue through and you need to further level up characters and equipment.

I do find if you can give Tommus as many AC+ / Regen buffs as possible and get taunt in early with counterattack then he can absorb a lot more attacks than some of the other characters and hit back repeatedly against multiple attackers.

Then once he has been worn down (low health) send in a second tank to take the abuse whilst he gets healed up. Obviously DMG- debuffs on them and disarm, freeze to limit the number of them hitting you at once works well too.

It basically becomes a slow war of attrition where you might be spending 3 out of 4 team members on defence/healing, but as long as you are getting in your counter attacks and your damage dealer is getting proc/crit to hit multiple opponents (especially the pesky ranged monsters at the back). Then you should be clear of the room / dungeon after a few attempts.

Don’t revive your characters, ever. Retrying is much cheaper.