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Unfair tournament to new players

I have players who are level 12 with over 2500 worth of trophies who still are unable to enter the tournament but they see loads of older players being able to play with lower scores. With the ever increasing of players again. And boosts its harder just to level up into new areans again and people become stuck again. We need more areans and all players should be able to participate and help their team out. Its a team game after all

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I’m level 12 and i don’t see a problem with what your saying, I’m at 1190 trophies and its pretty steady

Not being able to enter after reaching badlands is one thing. I would contact support there.

As for others that are entering with lower scores, there’s a couple explanations

  1. they were accounts created before the new rule of Reaching Badlands first
  2. they’ve already reached Badlands and their scores have fallen for whatever reason.
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I feel the badlands rule should be removed


I always thought the rule is partly to protect the newer players. As far as I know, unlike in the arena, there is really no matchmaking in tournament and newer players can just easily becoming cannon fodder for higher level players (especially for advantages matches). It’s pretty demoralizing to keep getting wipe out.

At first, yes. But if you work out the common matchups for the common tournament, you can get pretty far

That’s just become a bit too complicated if you can only participate in some matches but not others. May as well just create another junior tournament for new players (and that just create another set of problems …)

That’s where the starting trophies come in.

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