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Uninstalled and reinstalled, lost everything. How do I get my stuff back?


I reinstalled the game but I lost everything, is there any way to get my account back?

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Contact the support team, give them the support key of your old account and your new account and ask them to transfer it. Good luck. If you don’t have your old support key it does not look good for you.


If you used a facebook account to play, you can still log in via facebook

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Address is, I think, From the indications here on the forum from other users, expect at least three days to hear back, and even then your odds are about the same as Rachel in The Dark Knight: 50-50.


I do not remember the support key, but I made some in-game buys, this could help maybe?


I’m not sure but I am afraid that your Play store does not know your key. Best would be if you contact support. Without a key I am unfortunately very pessimistic.

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