Uninstalled and reinstalled - Lost EVERYTHING


My son also plays Alive. Yesterday, during the very confusing update, he uninstalled and reinstalled. Today he was able to update the game but - he lost everything he had, absolutely everything. He’s very disillusioned now. Is there any way for him to get back what he had? I don’t think he will play again if he can’t.


I’m sorry to hear that your son has lost his progress! I know how frustrating that can be. Because of the information required, please contact our support team at support+forums@ludia.com. If you can do us a favor and include your son’s support key (if either of you remembers it) in the email, this will help us find his account faster.


Gotta ask… did you ever use FB as log in? Because I was able to get mine back after relogging onto my FB account. Oh, and as to your key code that the previous reply was referring, you can find it at the bottom center of the screen when game is loading. Maybe this helps, maybe not.


He has filed a support ticket. We don’t know his old support code, he put in the new one after reinstalling the game. I really hope that he can get his account back. He won’t play again if he can’t, starting over is just too daunting. Your reply here does give us hope though!


He didn’t connect to Facebook. The key was lost when he uninstalled.



We take Child Safety pretty seriously and encourage parents to write in for children under 13. That being said, I know our Support Staff will do their best to help you and your son resolve this issue.


No worries, my son is 28 :slight_smile: He has filed a support ticket. I really hope that you can help.


Is there a way that the support team can take a previous purchase within the app and link it to the old account to restore it. I mean there has to be something I. Their system that links purchases to accounts no?


Can you find an account with an in app purchase. Find what account it’s linked to and fix it that way??


And will your support staff do they best to get me the free cash, that i was earn by playing lots of hours with different games? Didnt looks that way, they are not answering me a week now.


Hey there, @Deadly_Kittie, our support team can definitely help you with this, but you will need to have both your old support key (where the purchase was made) and the new support key (where you will like this purchase to be transferred). You can reach our team at support+forums@ludia.com, but we are currently experiencing a higher-than-expected volume of tickets so it might be a while before we get to you. Alternatively, if you can remember your username and the numbers which follow it, we might be able to find your account that way.


That’s not what I’m saying. What’s I’m saying is can you find the account / support key based on an in app purchase because the account literally deleted itself and forced its self to start over and if we have the purchase order number from our email is there a way you can see what the old account it was linked to? Or if we don’t have the old key but have the new one would you be able to transfer everything that was purchased to the new account so it doesn’t seem as tho EVERYTHING was lost. The phone was android and I was playing it through goolge play. My username is 50Questions