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Uninstalled, now cant locate account

So I have 2 accounts, a high end really good account… and a second, more loose and fun account (all Legends/Epics)
I unistalled the game from both phones. I couldn’t find the common armadillo, and was told uninstalling and reinstalling would help with this minor glitch. My main account (using Google account) works fine, and I now find the armadillo.
The second account, which I would normally sign in under GUEST, does not work. I clicked “Guest” and I had to create a whole new account.
Where, and how can I recover my “Guest” account???

Hello, @BIGISLAND21. Playing on a guest account does not secure your progress, which is why we recommend linking them to Google/Apple ID/Facebook. If you play on a guest account and uninstall the game, you will lose your progress on that account. Please send an email to our support team at so they can assist you in recovering your guest account. Don’t forget to include your guest account support key as this expedites locating your account in our system. Thank you!

Nooooo!!! Thank you for the help Ronald. What if I dont know my support key? I can’t get into my account obviously to get it haha. I know my In game name and 4 digit number if that helps

No problem! If you do not have the support key to your guest account, you can provide your username(with the 4 digit number) instead. :slight_smile:

Ok I sent them my info. Fingers crossed!
Thank you so much for your help

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