Uniqe creatures to dart

I love getting the chance to dart a uniqe from time to time.

But unless u give us more lvl’s on the creatures or super uniqe hybrids it’s kinda useless for me and many other players, to collect more uniqe dna for old creatures i already got at Max lvl.

So my surgestion is that u let us dart some of the newer hybrids, that way veterans like myself also get some fun out of it. In-sted of just waisting time and darts.

No more 1 + year old hybrids . Or at least put in 1 newer hybrid along with the old ones for us old players :pray:t2:

So that we can choose between a old or a new.
I defently would love to get a shot at Antarctovennator :star_struck:

Hope u will forward this to the team :pray:t2:

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This is a pretty good idea but unless the new hybrids are actually balanced and useful I wouldn’t want it. A majority of the player base don’t have max lvl creatures and things like the new eagle hybrid is useless. Personally I love getting a chance to dart Trykosaurus or Dioraja cause I’m slowly making my way to unlocking them.

Yeah i know it is :roll_eyes: i havent even bothered to try and make it … waist of coins … so i would like a try on that, also my surgestion was to give something new to choose in-sted of one uniqe try on something u already maxed out… u will know the feeling one day . It realy sucks :lying_face:

i think if you maxed it out, they should give you 50,000 coin