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Unique #7 (Ardentismaxima)!

My nerves are shot.

I leveled Brachiosaurus from 16 to 20.
I fused and leveled Ardontosaurus from 16 to 20.
I had just enough Argenti and Secondonto to fuse Ardonto to fuse Ardentis and ran my stash of DNA down to nothin’.

But here it is…Unique #7… Hew!

So this is my “A” team as it stands till I make Diloracheirus later this week. I just burned through 230,000 coins on this baby, and expecting another 230K coins for Dilo.


It is so great. The much needed counter to all the speedy distractors and stunners.

Up until now, I liked playing Ardontosaurus against the Sinoceratops and Einiasuchus because it doesn’t get slowed or stunned and I can slow those, get two hits in and sometimes take them out.

My favourite already (being a brachio hybrid since she is one of my favourite dinos), I am farming Secondo and Argentinosaurus like crazy need to level her up.