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Unique abilities on non-hybrids

Isn’t it weird that a lot of unique abilities are given to non-hybrids only?
Shield advantage, Lesser Wounding Strike, basically every ability with vulnerability, Debilitating Distraction, Swap in Distraction and probably even a few more.
Why is that? A lot of those abilities are actually pretty awesome so why not give them to creatures people might actually use outside of low arenas or friendly battles?
Wouldn’t it be awesome if e.g. Megalosuchus got Shield advantage instead of Short Defense to make him take total advantage of tanks?
My point is there is so much potential for variety even without new dinosaurs or abilities, just use the potential of what you already have in game.


Agreed. Especially about SIA. I said something like that around here a couple of days ago. Some legendaries and uniques could have SI distraction and slow.


Back then,a lot of creatures had minimal wounding strike like kapro,gorgosuchus etc.
But yeah,i agree with you

If I remember correctly when they first introduced SIA’s, the point was to to give creatures that were being underutilized a reason to try and be useful again potentially. At least, at the lower arena levels where they may still be something in contention to be played without being heavily overleveled.