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Unique Achievement



I can field a team entirely made of uniques! A goal I’ve had since I started playing this game. My team won’t stay this way, but it’s so cool seeing all green!


Congrats. That’s huge milestone for everyone!

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Haha and I felt proud when I got Indoraptor and now I‘m struggling to fuse Thor! :joy::joy:

Congrats, how long did it take u? :slight_smile:


Since June, so about half a year


That is goals right there! congrats! And you’ll have 2 more to start working on when 1.6 comes out.

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Many congrats!! My next 2 uniques which I make should mean I have the same set of 8 uniques as you :slight_smile: My next target is Tryko and then Tuora (hopefully it gets a buff).


That is an amazing team @sailingonbb! I hope to get Trykosaurus on my team one day as well.

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What are the 2 new ones in 1.6?


That teaser they posted had 2 flying uniques it looks like. No word on exactly what they are, but I think one of them is an Alanky hybrid.

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Thanks…gotta love those teasers


I feel like they are giving us more this time than they did with 1.5 so I hope it’s a step in the right direction. They actually put out the ingredients for the 2 epics so we can start collecting now.