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Unique advantage tournaments should NOT exist

May be an unpopular opinion but the beauty of tournaments to me was being able to play with dinos you’d normally not play with in any other mode in a different meta. They were refreshing to be away from the same boring arena meta we play with most of the week. Having unique advantage tournaments is a slap in the face to players who invest in lower rarities to do better in other rarity tourneys and unique advantage pretty much makes tournaments no different from the arena themselves.
I do also get that epic and rare tourneys over and over is also stale. I believe tourney formats based on rarity in general are getting stale and we need more variety overall.
Point being, don’t make the arena and tournament battles feel the same with the same creatures it makes the game feel mundane overall and it gives little incentive to invest in other rarities other than uniques and making this a habit is a step in the wrong direction for the game.

I like them. It reminds me of normal arena Without certain annoying Apex creatures.

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To each their own, this weekends tourney still feels no different from the arena to me overall when there are unique tyrants that beat apexes.

Not my favourite.
Too much like regular PvP for my liking.

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