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Unique Buffs: Part 1

What are your thoughts on these changes?

  • All need to be buffed
  • some need to be buffed
  • they are all fine
  • some need to be nerfed
  • all need to be buffed.

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Honestly, great work, very reasonable and well thought changes.
I would give maxima 5700 HP and maintain the damage as 1200, the damage buff wasn’t necessary, but your rework is still perfectly balanced and i personally would be satisfied with It.

Thor looking good

Spyx is good but i think It would better with revenge distracting impact/debilitating distraction and lethal wound instead of instant distraction and bleeding impact. But your rework looks pretty balanced, i just feel that a lasting distracting move for the first turn is better for It.

I think entelolania still needs to be a bit better, perhaps 50% armor would be what it’s lacking.

For Daryx i think that people would miss the immediate swaping, perhaps turning lethal swoop into cleansing lethal swoop without delay would make it more interesting and able to run away on the first turn. But i do agree with It getting bleeding impact, It needs a stronger multiplier but It still maintaining it’s swapper bleeder special niche It has.

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Do not touch Spyx. She’s perfectly fine as is, and RDI is her best move.

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I still need to really take in the rest, but I will applaud you for finding the perfect Thor buffs (at least in my opinion). That doesn’t fix Fierce being functionally identical to defense shattering if you’re immune to vulnerable though :sweat_smile:

I agree.

For Maxima, it probably doesn’t need the damage buff, but other than that it looks good. I still think it could keep TSR if it had it’s cooldown reduced, but this is a good workaround. I think the mild HP buff @CADEN_EPIC went with is fine though, since we got some armor and distraction resistance. In fact, given that it got those two buffs, I would be ok with no HP buff at all (or HP but no distraction resistance), and definitely no damage buff.

Thor buffs are pretty close to perfect.

Spyx looks good, but I agree that having a distracting move turn 1 is important for it. Lethal Wound would also be ok instead of the new move. As a side note, Spyx would be Cunning-Fierce with these moves, which honestly fits it’s ancestry better.

Dracoceratosaurus stat buffs should help it edge out Dracoceratops at times, I like it.

Indoraptor looks good too. Curious to see how much DSR helps it, but at least it would be much easier to justify it being Cunning-Fierce now. My favorite change might be the 100% distraction resistance vs 75%. Indo G2 could use a buff in this department too (they hit it with the nerf hammer a bit too hard with the 75% resistance to distraction and stun). If anything, Indo G2 should be immune to distraction (as a pure cunning), and could even use resistance/immunity to DoT since it lacks cunning strike or cleansing moves (yes Mutual Fury cleanses, but given that it gives your opponenta damage buff, this is a very risky move that you don’t always want to use). And Indo G1 could have 75% distraction resistance, since it’s part fierce.

I haven’t used Entelolania enough to judge it’s buffs (or at all), but it looks solid. If I was told this was the actual Entelolania moveset/stats, I wouldn’t bat an eye.

I agree with you that Daryx kind of relies on cleansing swoop. I’m not sure exactly what it needs, but yeah maybe more bleed percentage to make it scarier in that area?

Overall, I would not mind at all if these buffs were added to the game, especially with the modifications you suggested.

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Wow completely agree. If indo gen2 is to be used as a pure cunning creature than ir needs the resistances for It. It needs at least a partial bleed resistance and 100% distraction resistance.

I haven’t used It either but just looking at it’s original kit and stats i can tell how crappy and irrelevant It is. This buff is certainly a very good improvement, but It doesn’t really make me feel like it’s even close to worth investing on It If we compare It to mammolania. If It had at least 50% armor and maybe a bit more HP i would think they are equaly strong and the choice between them would come down to preference.

As for Daryx, my suggestion would to just change lethal swoop into cleansing lethal swoop, basically combining lethal swoop and cleansing swoop. With no delay, of course. That would make It much more versatile and effective, but still balanced.

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I like it. For Entelolania I would have to see what difference the armor makes and how bad it would actually be with this kit, but again I could see this suggestion working out.

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Honestly i’d preffer If she got a bleeding move, but she isn’t really bad now

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I think erlikospyx should have minimal reading strike and I like the idea of bleeding impact and since it’s a bleeder because of spinonyx he should have something like manaming impact

I use Spyx and I would absolutely not.

Maxima definitely needs a buff. Thor needs a buff. I am not so familiar with the others except Indo which needs a slight one.

Bleeding impact is a bit rubbish ngl, probably bring it to 25% or even 30%