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Unique Creature. Idea's...[nopinothasaurus]

This Idea of mine Is a bleeder and a tank combined so i came up with some new attacks for it
Health:3787 [lvl21]
Attack:1004 [lvl21]
Speed:113 [none boosted]

Debilating Vunerability strike- attack x1 vunerable for 3 turns

Decelerate and wounding strike- Attack x1 DoT 33x. And decelerate for 3 turns

Devastating swoop- attack×3 swoop

Critical rampage-attackx2.5 Crit

Crit chance- 5%


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Just swoop

Btw the crit rampage has a cooldown of 2 and the devastating swoops cooldown is 3 soo you need to go for 2 attacks then swoop

The name’s my favorite part :slight_smile:

To make this not another entelomoth or a hated creature. I like the idea but sadly spinotasuchus is already a super hybrid.

Nopinthasurus: level 26

Attack: 1300
Health: 3975
Speed: 122
Critical Chance: 20%
Armor: 20%

Vulnerability Strike
Decerlative Wounding Strike (cooldown:2; 25% for two turns, decelerates opponent 50% for three turns
Instant Striking Swoop
Critical Impact (wanted it to be rampage but would be too op)
Immune to dot, vulnerability, and deceleration

@Kadaxas I liked the name too

I lowed the attack because ik it would be to op with the devastating swoop is also not enough to kill idoraptor Thordo or anything 3100 hp. Above

Nice idea. But not going to happen unless Lydia changes the rules.

Any ideas for thordos brothers stats health attack and speed?

I meant Hybrid rule.