Unique Dart Scoring?

I’m intrigued to know what my dna shots might yield on Indoraptor this weekend. I’m at a level 14. And I get 24 DNA for a perfect shot on commons, and 19 for a perfect shot on Epics. Anyone know what I can expect for Indo?

I’m sitting at 150 Indo DNA and I’m trying to figure out how to best fuse over the week!

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17 per perfect I believe

There’s no way you get 28 on Commons at 14. I get 26 on Commons at 16, 22 on rare, 21 on epic.

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At lvl 20 is 30 per perfect on commons, so 1 less per level you can have the result xd

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he gets 24 ^^

so he gets 24(common) 20(rare) 19(epic) then would it be 18(legendary) 17( unique)?


You’re right, I had a typo.
It’s 24, should have waited till after I had my coffee to post. :coffee:

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