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Unique darting strategy tomorrow


Major dilemma here! I’m at 110/250 for Tryko. Golden chicken is at level 16. I’m not good at darting. I’m guessing my max per attempt tomorrow will be about I dart Erklidominus only because I’m so far away and keep grinding for Tryko? Or use 2 attempts to get Tryko now and then the rest on Erklidominus?

Thoughts? Suggestions? Other ideas?


Suggest you to go for Erlidominus first. Should be easier to dart and you will need months to get near lvl 20 with Erliko.

Also Ankylo is daily reward now and Kentro is featured next week. Will be plenty DNA to make Tryko.


I’d go for Tryko. If you’re already that close, you must have a few Uniques already, and I guess a team that’s already over lvl 21 average.

Erlidom is amazing, but for how long are you planning to use him at lvl 21? There are 4 meta relevant dinos that will outspeed it, 3 of them because of the level difference, if you count opposing Erlidoms at 22+, 5 if people start using vexus.

I’d rather go for one higher level tyrant that I can keep leveling up than the one I can keep leveling up + another one that will have to wait until I get 3-3.5k dna from an epic I rarely see to get an extra level