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Unique darting


Ok everyone, we’re done or nearly done on this amazing Unique darting attempts day… so let’s see your green scores! (And thank you to Ludia)

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First :stuck_out_tongue: spent all 5 attempts and got Nightmare Chicken :grin:


I got 222 on Erlikodominus or within a point or two of that. I did not so so well on my other attempts as I averaged about 170

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I did great! Right? :grin:

Sorry RG… :clown_face:


Averaged 206 on Erlidom over 5 attempts. Final attempt was 227. Pretty pleased with it.


Managed to up to lvl 22 with 5 attempts.:sweat_smile:


At first it seemed as a great event - I unlocked two additional uniques from the draft but now I just lost the interest to continue to play the game… the event was a game killer. Why? I spent two months to unlock my first unique, today half hour - and that somehow kill my interest.