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Unique Dinos With Unique Movesets

Gee I only made my first post 30 mins ago. Anyway, has anyone thought of this? Don’t know. I thought I’d come up with unique dinos having unique movesets. For example, indoraptor.

Cleansing Nullification
Precise Armor Piercing
Defense Shattering Pounce
Evasive Stance
Nullifying Counter
Same stats and immunities

Sounds op, I know, but only scratching the surface of more I came up with. Thor:

Decelerating Shattering Strike
Defense Shattering Impact and Rampage
Instant Shattering Stun
Added 10% armor.

And it keeps getting crazier. Let’s skip to Geminititan.

Nullifing Deceleration
Decelerating Shield
Definite Shield Advantage
Instant Distraction
Swap in slowing distraction
(Because it’s not meant to have it, only immune to distraction.)

And who can forget mammolania?

Persistence ferocious shielding strike
Definite Rampage
Defensive Dig In (Shield Lasts For an Extra Turn)
Swap In Rending Attack (JK. Don’t want a worse rat who can actually fight)

Anyone else think this would be cool? Probably game-breaking but cool. What do you all think?

Wow, you found a way to make indo worse than indo g2 but you definitely nerfed geminititan with removing its rampage.

It’s actually still a rampage. Can still be used straight away as well

I just didn’t see it but you would be amazing at buffing awful creatures which is something ludia doesn’t care about.

Then indo was the nutso berserker and we don’t touch indo2

You forgot the best creature in the game. Entelomoth is not happy