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Unique DNA from rare incubator

Well… I got this from the rare incubator strike. I didn’t even know it was possible


That your luck😂

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I had that too. I think there’s a relatively high chance of this happening when there’s a unique on Sunday. Had 20 Indominus too last week.

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I think an bad luck i dont get any legendary and unique from incubator strike


Probably cause its Fallen Kingdom week

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Youuu luckyyyy!!
Honestly I want that 20, do you know how much DNA it takes to get that 20? Especially if it’s 10 each time?

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I got spinoconstrictor once :thinking:

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If you consider 10 DNA per fuse, you will need 500 T-Rex DNA and 5000 Velociraptor DNA to get 100 Indominus Rex DNA and then 4000 Velociraptor DNA to fuse 2 times on indoraptor

I think you’re luckier than me

Maybe… But i dont really like her

Yeah I knew that lol, that’s why I’m whining so much :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too I defeated rare incubator strike then I collected unique DNA