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Unique DNA from the Blue Strike Tower?

My wife just texted me and told me that she got two different kinds of unique DNA from the blue “Emerald Strike” tower that is out today: Diorajasaur and Diloracheirus. I didn’t pay attention too closely, but I’m pretty sure I only got Epic DNA for mine.

Did anyone else get unique DNA? …or are there two different blue strike towers out there today?


It can happen. But veryyyyyyyyy rarely.

Yeah I believe that can happen but its rare, I have only gotten dna that isn’t epic or lower from para lux during camp cretaceous week incubator strikes

I mean, I have gotten Legendary DNA instead of Epic once or twice in the two years that I’ve played the game… but I’ve never heard of Unique DNA being awarded, and CERTAINLY not two different uniques.

My wife and I always joke around that I get all the luck.

Apparently, she’s been saving up all her luck for this one moment. (LOL)

EDIT: Are there any number-crunchers out there that know what the odds are of getting unique DNA in a blue strike tower? My wife is curious… Thanks!

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A member of my alliance got 11 DNA for diloracheirus and 9 DNA for diorajasaur from the rare incubator rewarded by the emerald strike tower. I got 20 DNA for sinoceratops. Keep feeding me sinoceratops DNA Ludia! I will not use thoradolosaur.


I got 14 dna of dijora and 8 dna of green chicken…it is not so rare

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There was one time I got both Legendary and Unique DNA from an Epic event incubator. Never heard of anyone else getting that, or of anyone getting double Unique before.

Your wife must have a four-leaf clover, Mitchell_Hein.


Haha, Same here. I haven’t ever gotten Unique DNA from a incubator (that you would have to pay for)

All I had in the blue tower was the AI going… swap… swap… swap… swap…

Thought Ludia fixed that broken mechanic ages ago.

Part of their “luck” in the event I’m assuming lol

But, my wife isn’t Irish!
Although, she is short like a Leprechaun…


lol :joy:
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I managed to get some unique DNA from the strike tower too!