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Unique DNA is capped at 1k...don't make the mistake


Ludia didn’t tell you but there is a cap for unique DNA. Like every other type of dinosaur. But what you probably don’t know is that the limit is really low when you have 5 attempts given…

If you dart over the cap the dna is just wasted. So if you don’t have enough coins to level up your unique, just pick another one sorry. Otherwise you would just end losing dna…

LUDIA :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Thanks for the info, but you know, with 39K dino-dollars and close to 1 million coins, you could have levelled up the poor guy in between darting… just sayin’…


I didn’t know, thanks for the information :roll_eyes:

Or maybe I just wanted to make all my attempts and see how much DNA I could gather with the event…


I don’t understand the need for such a cap, and why so low.




Why cap it at 1k… content creators who basically advertise the game for Ludia at no cost to them are hurt the most by this. Ludia, a company that that doesnt just shoot itself in the foot. They lop it off with a chainsaw.

@J.C you wanna pass along the message to the devs that this kinda thing hurts content creators… what is their plan going forward with these dna caps a year from now when we have dinos at 30 and max unique dna? Sit out an entire event? Seems like the opposite of keeping your players engaged.


Totally agree.

To add to the debate, I computed every limit for dna.
And you clearly see there’s something off :

DNA caps :

  • 200k for commons
  • 50k for rares
  • 20k for epics
  • 5k for legendaries
  • 1k for uniques

The total amount of dna required to level up a Dino from the lowest possible level to 30 is :

  • 346 750 for commons
  • 116 750 for rares
  • 34 250 for epics
  • 11 250 for legendaries
  • 3 000 for uniques

Total dna required for last level (when you have to stockpile the most) :

  • 75k for commons
  • 25k for rares
  • 7500 for epics
  • 2500 for legendaries
  • 750 for uniques

With all these data we can check some balancing…
For example, the percentage of dna you are able to stock at cap compared to total needed for full level up :

  • 58% for commons
  • 43% for rares
  • 58% for epics
  • 44% for legendaries
    And… 33% only for uniques??

We can also check what percentage of dna you can stock for last level comparing to cap. The lower the easier to stock before having to spend coins :

  • 37,5% for commons
  • 50% for rares
  • 37,5% for epics
  • 50% for legendaries
    And… 75% for uniques???
    It means it’s the only category where you can’t store one level + the final one…

Easy fix : if you up the limit to 1500 dna instead of 1000 you end up with 50% for both. Perfectly aligned with other numbers and it allows you to score up to 300 with each try (and that would be an incredible achievement knowing that max possible is 315 AND it is still difficult to dart )

Could we have a word on this @J.C?



I’m no developer so not sure how easy that is. But we can pass this along.


Thanks I really appreciate :+1:


I was a victim of this unfortunately


I’d say bump it to 2k so atleast it follows trend (200k, 50k, 20k, 5k, 2k)


Sorry to hear this :cry:

Yes that would work fine too. Don’t know what they were thinking when they settled for 1k only…

Bad decision has been made :pensive:


aint that some Jazz :thinking:


probably part of ludia’s strategy to put this game to 6th most profitable in app store: COINS. they want to force you to buy coins to level things up, and so you are free to collect more dna.

this is why i have now 60+ dinos waiting to level.


Yeah not sure why Ludia couldn’t let us know ahead of time about all that Jazz. :roll_eyes:


that’s just ludia
same reason trex is programmed to head-fake as soon as your cross hairs are over it’s head

someone there thinks unnecessarily infuriating their player base is the most profitable :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, I get that. Sorry, didn’t want to troll, it’s just that it seemed a bit of a paradox having the money and not levelling up (which is the opposite of what usually happens to the 99% of the mortals playing the game).

Anyhoo, I guess it’d be of consolation that your average erlidominus darting is 3x what I score usually with uniques :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Peace out :slight_smile:


Respect - nice to see someone put a bit of work into a problem and propose a sensible solution rather than just throwing themselves on the floor and screaming like a toddler having a tantrum - more of this would make the forum a less toxic place. :+1:


Believe it or not it’s a great form of stress relief, just don’t do it in front of others


I understand it’s a fair point. The problem is since leveling at 30 cost 250k it’s only 4 dinos to level 30 and that’s why I don’t rush the level up.
And since I don’t spend anymore since recent events I have to plan carefully my spendings now.

Thanks for the kind words. I’m trying to help and I know that some players had the same problem.

Still waiting for a support answer.

I don’t get it.

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