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Unique Event Dino Change


Personally, when there is a unique event, I am unable to get the dinos from that day. The uniques appear on Sunday, which I think should change. Many people don’t go out on Sundays and some people choose not to play games on Sundays. Another point is that Sunday is the beginning of the week, and it would make more sense if events started at the beginning of the week. I think a way they could fix this is by putting the Unique events on Saturday, the day most people have off, and moving the common dinos to Sunday.


I’ve thought about that before, but the work week starts Monday, so it makes sense to start the event then. That way Ludia is able to start the event as soon as they get to work Monday, and not have to go out of their way to start it on Sunday.


Sunday is the ‘day of rest’. If you can’t find the time in that 24 hours, then maybe the game isn’t for you. Most of us don’t work Sunday and have it as free time. Even if i did work, i could still find an hour to go out and grab dinos, like i do during the week.


I love how my post was flagged by stating a FACT!


Your Sunday is actually my Monday here in Asia. Having the event on your Saturday may be better.


Many people? Or are you actually just talking about yourself?

No it isn’t. Sunday is the last day of the week in most cultures and therefore should also be the last event day.

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In north america sunday is the first day of the week as with many other areas of the world, every day planner i have ever owned starts on sunday and ends on saturday including my time cards. Also just because christians go to a church on Sundays doesnt mean Sunday is identified as the sabbath in christianity, the intent is to start your week off by focusing on what you believe which is irrelevant to the sabbath. Lastly Ludia will not change there schedule to work for us, they work monday to friday 9-5 by the appearence of there response times and wont change that to better our gaming experience. So agreed that Sunday is the beginning of the week however they have to base the beginning of the events week on the work week or they would mess things up even more trying to post and pre date things each week


Sunday is Monday in Australia also so it’s very difficult to grind towers and do the epic strike tower and go to work. Obviously they can never please everyone but I think making Saturday the big day instead of Sunday would held the majority.
Some one mentioned that if you can’t find an hour… if it was only an hour you needed that will be fine it’s often much longer.


Of course. Because you bought it in your region.


I got lucky that i took mondays off this month or i would of struggled to find the time to get all the tryko as in the uk the reset was 2pm