Unique Event please

It is needed to have a unique event once or twice an year. Then we could basically increase the game users. If possible twice an year.

       Keeping this event we could get some dna which are incomplete for dinos.

We get a unique event every month with the championships.


Not actually that but also on the maps it’s better to have

so you mean like maxima and spyx on the maps
but it should be every halloween, christmas, april fools, thanks giving, easter, those stuff
5 commons
4 rares
3 epics
2 legendaries
1 unique

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next one is literally thanksgiving and if not that then christmas which will probably have two in one week because of new years, but seriously , you get like 1,500 epic dna, 2,000 rare dna, 4,000 common and 450 unique per month, is that not enough; oh yeah these are only exclusive counterparts so umm… there are people in badlands getting uniques

Thanksgiving (a holiday i think is only in the americas) is at the end of this month, so I do see a bird unique like Dilorach there

I know this is an unpopular opinion but I don’t think unique events are smart. It destroys the arena for arena 7 and below. I think how Ludia’s doing it is smart giving a legendary a month seems fair.


I agree certain uniques are extremely powerful and hard to obtain so per say if someone in lockdown manages to unlock tryko through darting it every time they get a chance to then that upsets the balance because now for some reason there’s a tryko in Lockdown terrorizing the arena. Uniques should be earned through fusing once you level a creature enough and if you earn it through darting that’s still earning it but if you can get it that low please put a level cap on arenas so someone can’t terrorize arena with their poorly earned tryko

Either Dilorach, Spyx or Erlidom. The three unique chickens. Hope its Dilorach or Spyx

erlidom or spyx
or a new dino called corythoraptor (real dino look it up)